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Today a guy chatted, "I need to get up for a while. I got SL butt."

I asked him, "Does that mean you poo reaaaaaaaly slow?"

He laughed lotses.

But then I remembered another conversation I had few months ago with friends:


... you've ever gone to a theater and tried to alt-look to see what's in the background.

.... you've ever said "LOL" instead of laughing.

... you've ever walked up to a door and tried to click on it instead of turning the handle.

... you've wondered why your "music" isn't working...

... "hoooo" is actually part of your normal vocabulary.

... you have more than once daydreamed about how you could sooooo much do better than Linden Lab, the morons.

... subconsicously tried to click your "voice" key before talking to a friend.

... you've actually cursed your car because it didn't have a "fly" mode.

... you've tried to "history" a conversation you just had over the phone.

... you wished you had a RL inventory 'cos you could SO use that item right now.

... you've wished you could "cage" an obnoxious workmate.

... you've ever actually said "yesh".

... you think your RL avatar can go without food too.

I sure you can thinks of more. :D


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Comment by Cinnamon Raymaker on February 12, 2009 at 1:42pm
and the one I always think about .... why can't I just tp there - it would be that much quicker :)))))


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