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Due to recent incidents on the Inworldz grid I felt it appropriate to post this blog and establish where I and indeed Elf Clan stands in dealing with the Inworldz company.  We support Inworldz.  We may not always agree on everything, but we abide by company policies.  Just as people follow the Elf Clan Charter because they respect our goals... Elf Clan supports Inworldz and its TOS for the same reason. 

As Inworldz customers we have a choice:  work with the grid or leave it.  It is widely known that Elf Clan came to this grid because we found it impossible to continue dealing with Linden Lab as a company.  Our group has never been afraid to openly discuss issues, and we're not afraid to make the hard calls when they become necessary.

But it is good to know when hard calls need to be made... and when they don't.  In the Inworldz forums (http://inworldz.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=18905) Founder Elenia answered a rather extreme situation.  I believe she answered it well and pointed out some real problems caused by a small, vocal  group of people who seriously over-reacted to something with which they personally disagreed.  This is nothing new; our group and indeed, every group I know of has had to deal with hyper-emotional people as long as there has been an Elf Clan.

Sadly, a small fire can do great damage.  All it takes is one extremely vocal person to ruin reputations, harm business and force countless hours of damage control.   Throughout the Internet and indeed, in real life itself there are arrogant people, emotionally unbalanced people, those who are immersed in drama and know no other way.    On rare occasions it is our group policy to remove such ones from our lands. 

Like Elf Clan, Inworldz itself has to deal with such mentalities.  It is unavoidable.  We should not be surprised when it happens.


There is a difference between constructive criticism and drama.  Everyone has a right to say what's on their minds... so long as they do so in a mature and truly adult manner.  When people don't do so-- when they cross the boundaries of respect and move to attacking-- that's when they cause damage rather than good, and lose respect in return.

There are individuals who think they are above the rules, above the TOS, that Inworldz and the Forums and members thereof should bow to their personal whims, beliefs and opinions.  They treat the grid and forums as if they own them and anyone with whom they disagree becomes a target of their emotional outbursts.  We have seen such people openly defy the TOS, flame other users and indeed, as seen recently, attack Inworldz itself.  

It is okay to say what is on our minds.  It is okay to question policy, to make suggestions, to say "I don't like something".  Everything doesn't have to be roses and sunshine.  All businesses can make improvements.  If we don't let the Founders know how we feel, how will they know what we want and need? 

However if we claim to be members of Inworldz, if we claim to support this grid, if we wish it to prosper and grow and improve, constructive criticism is as far as we go.  Showing extreme, open disrespect for Inworldz or the Founders can only harm the grid.  Anyone taking such a stance clearly might be questioned as to their purpose in being here. 

In the recent situation, as stated in Elenia's blog,  no one gave anyone a chance to correct issues.  The pack of wolves gathered and attacked, giving no quarter, bypassing all correct channels and attempting to force their opinions on the Founders and grid.   In this instance it wasn't Inworldz that was in the wrong, or even the owners of the region in question (although their decisions required reconsideration).   The wrongdoers in this instance were those who went for the jugular rather than giving the Founders a chance to correct things.   They tried to force their individual opinions and whims on the grid rather than contacting the Founders with their concerns. 

Elf Clan works with Inworldz.  We do not expect perfection.  We do not expect a flawless shine.  What brought us to this grid were people who cared more about their customers than about themselves.   I still find that to be the reality of Inworldz.  If we have any disagreement, we work within the system.  That includes support tickets, forums (if anyone chooses to risk that environment), this blogsite, other blogsites, and how we operate our lands.  But in all cases our group policy is as it has always been: we deal with Honor, Respect and Friendship. 

That is how we work with Inworldz. That's how most people I know work with Inworldz.  All members of Inworldz should be encouraged to do the same; hate tactics of any kind should not be tolerated or supported.


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Comment by Ferrator Montoya on July 11, 2014 at 3:19pm


Comment by Moontan Valeeva on July 12, 2014 at 4:01am

In addition: I had my personal concerns regarding recent situation and I know a part of ElfClan felt the same. I think the founders did a wonderfull job balancing this thin line and working out a compromise with the owners of the sim in question. The way they handled this emotional crisis makes me trust them and their decisions even more. If new residents ask what is so special about Inworldz, I know a lot of us answer: Founders that do care and actually listen. So let's give them those credits for better or worse. 

Comment by Wayfinder Wishbringer on July 12, 2014 at 6:24am

Indeed Moontan.  And I have to give creds to the region owners for bending-over-backwards to work with the founders.  They even went so far as to eliminate avatars and close and re-build their region so that it would not be offensive.  It's another case of decent, cooperative people simply not realizing their area of interest would be found offensive by others.

Should they have known already?  Maybe.  But we all make mistakes.  That's part of being human.  It's another part of being human to judge without full understanding or knowledge.  Which is the greater sin?  The second I think.  "Judge not lest ye be judged" should be a rule of life followed by everyone. Another good addage would be "Cut people some slack and if they've offended, give them a chance to make it right."  We don't do that by attacking people, but rather by dealing with them in a friendly manner, no matter what their offense.

Do I hate the Hitler Nazi regime?  You bet I do.  Should it be ignored?   Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  We do ourselves no favor by sweeping such under the rug.  Whether role-play is a wise way to teach history is certainly a debatable question.   But do we condemn movie makers or actors because they portray the fall of the Hitler empire? 

   I have no easy answers to this.   All I can do is echo Moontan's sentiment:  the Founders handled matters admirably.  And considering the co-operation the region owners have shown, I both want to meet them and tour their region when it's done.   I think it wise to learn from history and I would like to see their take on what they have to present.  That's what keeping an open mind is all about:  it is making allowances for things with which we may strongly disagree.


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