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Most of our current members are aware of these things already, but for those who are still on Second Life and wonder why we chose to move to Inworldz... here are the reasons.

Elf Clan left Second Life due to significant issues with company Linden Lab that cost our group more than US $50,000, eight sims and the time, effort and dedication put in to building those sims over a period of 7 years (which issues are discussed elsewhere in these blogs). There's no need to rehash those things in detail here.

What we'd like to discuss are the advantages of Inworldz, and why we chose that grid for our new home.  At the same time we encourage our members to join us there, for many reasons.


Second Life on the average charges $295 or more per region.  Inworldz charges $75 per region... or $60 if you own 4 or more regions.   Elf Clan owns more than 60 regions as of the writing of this blog.  That means if you have ever wanted to own your own sim... you can do so for $60 a month after the first month (all sims cost $75 the first month).


When you purchase a region on Inworldz there are no setup fees.  Compared to SL setup fees of $1,200 per region, that can save you a tremendous amount of money right from the start.


Second Life allows 15,000 prims.  Inworldz allows 45,000... three times the count.   What does this mean for you?  It means you can forget about worrying about prim count.  You wouldn't believe the difference 45k prims makes when designing a sim.

Let us give you an example:  On our home region of ElvenSong we have a fully-populated ground area complete with main castle, a huge fantasy garden, public sandbox, the Elf Clan Museum, Dwagon's Keep (a large castle-home for our dwagons), Cinnamon's Glen, a dancing grotto and the BattleMace / Archery Sports arena.

In an upper level (about 1,500m) we have a 1/4 sim Holodeck, and above that a second one.  At about 2,000m we have an entire Grunge City.  At 3,500 meters we have the impressive Replicant Cityan entire science fiction city / museum / exposition that is one of the main attractions of Inworldz.

And with all that... we still have 10,000 prims left available.   45,000 prims just rocks.


On Inworldz you can build using prims up to 128m in size (or larger with some viewers).  Further, there are no link limits.   It is literally possible (for we have done so) to build a space ship 100m+ long and consisting of 1,000+ prims... link it as one object and fly it effortlessly around the sim.   It is wondrous what the removal of link limits means for builders.


If you've ever built on SL, you know that the L$10 upload cost for textures, sounds and animations can quickly rise to significant levels.  It can literally amount to hundreds of dollars $US for a builder/merchant. 

Inworldz has no upload fees and have announced they never plan to have any.   That fact alone can save you a significant amount of cash.


Inworldz offers 5,000-prim owner/partner build-permit "scenic" regions for $20 a month if connected to a full size region.  That is far less expensive than the 3,500-prim, $250 setup fee, $125-a-month "Homestead" regions on SL.


It's very common to see the Founders of Inworldz and staff respond almost immediately to forum posts requesting help.   The people of Inworldz are for the most part very friendly and feel part of a "large family".  Of course no grid is perfect, nor should anyone expect it to be so.  There is always some drama, griefing and occasional problems do arise.  But Inworldz members agree... the atmosphere is far more peaceful, harmonious and friendly than anywhere else we've been.


Elf Clan has more than 60 regions on Inworldz, owned by Eldar and individual members.  Our region owners are very happy and very supportive of our group.   Regular events are held, the Elf Clan Charter is still in full effect, and our family friendly lands are more beautiful, peaceful and harmonious than they have ever been.

So please, feel free to come to Inworldz and check out Elf Clan's new home!

Popular Elf Clan regions on Inworldz:

ElvenSong (home region and home of Replicant City and the Hall of Funny)

ElvenGlen -- the original Elf Clan region restored to all its beauty

Creative Fantasy -- Julia Hathor's wondrous merchant-regions

Chanwood -- Solid role playing

The Land of Lar -- Fantasy at its best

ElfHarbour -- Merchant shops on the warf

... and many more.   Pick up the free Elf Clan Region HUD at ElvenSong

P.S.  If you're an Elf Clan sim owner and would like to have your sim mentioned here, please send Snoots Dwagon on Inworldz an IM giving your sim's name and theme, as well as special attractions.

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