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Welcome to Elf Clan lands!


NO DRAMA, zero tolerance. Fair notice.

New visitors and members are welcome! Feel free to explore. If a building is unlocked you are
welcome to explore (if locked, please respect privacy). The entire land is at your disposal.

We are friendly folk, our lands harmonious and peaceful. Please follow these guidelines to help us
keep it that way.

Family-friendly, *G*-rated lands (not PG, not PG-13). No nudity, see-through clothes, offensive
language, gestures, animations, sounds.

Ancient Elf Clan saying: "What you do in your home is your business. What you do in the streets is ours."

VISITORS are expected follow group policies rather than demanding we follow their whims.  There are thousands of regions where people can be as lewd, crude and obscene as they wish. Elf Clan is a place where people come to get away from all this. Please recognize that this is our home. Just like real life-- a guest in someone's home behaves as a guest... with honor, respect and friendship.  : )

* DRESS. Please dress modestly.  Plunge to the privates dresses, barely-there body paint or see-through clothing is prohibited.  Males are required to wear shirts unless your avatar by nature requires shirtless (such as Ork, Drow, Na'vi, Merman, etc). "Hey I'm a stud" shirtless, or "Gorean" near naked barbarian is not acceptable attire on these family-friendly lands.

These lands are a respite from the crude. Please help us maintain that environment.

* CONTROVERSIAL THEMES.  Occult, demonism, vampirism, sexual and similar foreseeably offensive genres are forbidden.

* POLITICS, SLAVERY, RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES. Please check attitude, ego and intolerance at the door.   Both politics and religious activities are divisive and are not Elf Clan theme.  This includes national emblems, election campaigns, all holidays and celebrations (Christian or otherwise), religious icons, statues or symbols of any kind.  In short, we're here to escape real life, not drag it into our fantasy-based lands.  So please leave real life in real life.  The time of Elf Clan is thousands of years prior to the age of Man. We appreciate our members respecting these rules.

Drama queens, propagandists and people-with-attitude are absolutely unwelcome here and  will be quickly escorted elsewhere. (Drama is defined as excessive emotional display and negativity, power-plays or "head games").

* HIGH SKY.  What you do as a resident in your high-sky private skybox is your decision. Ground and public areas are expected to conform to Charter guidelines. These are moderated lands.

* WEAPONS. All weapons should apply to the theme of the individual region.  Fantasy regions require fantasy weapons (no guns or other modern weaponry, with noted exceptions).  SciFi and Steampunk regions of course allow appropriate weaponry.  Please see the Role Play and Weaponry area for further weaponry and RPG guidelines.

* LOCKED AREAS. If an area is unlocked, feel free to explore (even homes. We welcome visitors
and explorers). If it is locked, please respect resident privacy.


Please also note that sealed enclosures (such as no-visible-entrance skyboxes) are considered

"locked". If you have to camera in and sit or otherwise enter the area without authorization...

that is considered trespassing.

The Greeters are in charge of everyday group / island management. Please contact them via group IM for assistance.  Cooperate with their guidance.


The Eldar (ancient Elven) are the managers of Elf Clan, the ones who make and enforce group policy.  They are Guardians with ultimate authority.   All Elf Clan officers, including the Eldar, go out of our way to be friendly and hospitable, considering all members as our equals-- so long as those members show equal honor, respect and friendship.  Indeed, a great deal of Elf Clan policy has been a result of friendly member feedback and suggestions.  Feel free to approach the Eldar, Guardians and Greeters with your ideas and concerns.  Feedback is our greatest asset.


Cinnamon Raymaker

Moontan Valeeta

Peter Lioncourt

Wayfinder Wishbringer (founder)

All visitors are welcome. Please JOIN ELF CLAN for full rights and privileges here, including
unlimited access to our sandboxes. : )


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