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Grettings all, been a while since I posted on the ning, felt I should hit up a blog with a recent idea I'm going to be attempting. Many of you know me as the eccentric builder of arms and armor and various military goods. It's all fine and dandy for me to build such objects, but what does it give back to the community that is a majority of peaceful, as Mean would say it, .... "hippies". You guys know I mean that in the silliest and nicest way possible though. In any case, I don't have much way to help out except with the occassional assistance or building class (I should start back on those though). Now, what many of you DON'T know, is I hold a psychology degree and a self-proclaimed expert in autism, particularly Asperger's Syndrome. I myself have Asperger's Syndrome (it's pronounced as-spare-gares, not "assburgers", I'm looking at you Snoots!). I have constantly examined my own mind my entire life in an effort to figure out why I was different and didn't have much luck till I was diagnosed at age 23. I went back to college for a second degree and to learn more about the mind. So I actually have a rather heavy amount of knowledge in the area now.


So, how does this relate to virtual psychology? Well, I am not the only person with Asperger's Syndrome in Elf Clan, several others do too. In fact, it seems the creativity of virtual worlds attract a very large number. To top it off, a massive number of people have someone in the family or a friend with some form of autism. So, you can probably see where I'm going with this, so I'll cut to the chase.


I am thinking of starting up a psychology blog to assist autistic individuals, people with familiy or friends with autism, and to give some general psychology advice to anyone who requests it. Think of it as your own version of Dr. Phil, except.. probably as Dr Mayhem, I'm undecided on my blog name yet. In any case, not only is connection to autism prevalent, but as we all know, drama occurs ALL THE TIME in VR worlds. I am somewhat of a free consultant who helps people and can probably help diffuse some issues as well as help people effected by them. No one wants to leave a world they created or helped create, but if a whole group decends upon them and makes them feel like dirt, they need a little help too.


So this is my plan, to start helping people with real world issues in a blog, and probably start a psychology support group in IZ. I can't build pretty things (unless you count explosions as pretty), so this can be a way for me to give back and help the community.


Let me know what you think and give me some good blog sites that I could use to get questions and answer them and supply various random bits of information on too.

Also, if you know someone autistic, with asperger's, or ADHD or someone with a child or relative or friend with those that would like to see information on or get answers about it, be sure to send them to my blog when I get it set up. I plan to use it as a chance to help others and build my own professionalism and expertise when dealing with it.



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Comment by Wayfinder Wishbringer on August 25, 2012 at 10:01am

"Dr Mayhem"  LOL

As strange as this idea may seem to folks, I can vouch regarding Zekeen's ability to diffuse emotional situations.   He's actually quite good at it, having an unexpectedly balanced and rational viewpoint in such things.  (I say unexpectedly because of course, in all other things he's totally bonkers.  I mean... many of us remember the Zekeen Phoenix, Schlitzie Martini and Mean Golem trio of [highly unusual people].  They have a reputation for mayhem). :D

Zekeen as feedback: something that might be equally beneficial is for you to host in-world meetings for Asperger's (thanks for the pronunciation btw) and Autism members.  As you state virtual worlds do seem to draw an unusual number of such folk due to the creativity and ability to express oneself in type rather than social context.  I've found our Asperger and Autism members to be some of the most creative and generous in the group; I think it's an environment that allows them to thrive. 

So regular meetings to encourage such ones, to let them know they're welcome here, and to help them understand the special requirements of existing in a virtual society... may be a very beneficial thing. 


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