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Oona just wish to say dat Oona misses da time when Elf Clan was in SL.

Is well aware why it all moved to Inworldz,so isnae gonna debate dat again .. Already done dat plenties times

wif Eldar Wayfinder and when him maked a decision it so very decided ..

Still,Oona sees dere many members of Elf Clan groups in SL.Dinnae ken if all moved to Inworldz tho.

Thinks mebbe most of da active ones did.

None of da groups seems to be very active and Oona isnae sendin any messages dere.But,dere has been a few messages in Elf Clan group :)

Oona very active in SL wif Oona's Tribe and friends dere,so dere isnae dis much time to go to Inworldz.

On occasion ,Oona meets Eren in SL and dat always makes Oona happie.

So,anyone wish to tell Oona wut goes on in ElvenSong sim? :) 

Oona might go visit fer events dere,if Oona got time.

Oona hopes yew all doin good :)

-- Oona

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Comment by Oona Sharple on January 13, 2016 at 10:07pm

Sees notices when loggin into Inworldz and before,Oona used to get emails even if dere was an event.

But ,Oona dinnae get any emails anymore now.

Comment by Wayfinder Wishbringer on January 13, 2016 at 10:31pm

Ahhhh.  Check your PREFERENCES and make sure you're getting emails.  Your Inworldz emails may have accidentally gotten shut off.  (It's either in preferences or on the website, I forget.)

Comment by Kylinn Leimes on January 14, 2016 at 12:01pm

I agree with Oona - it is in moving to InWorldz that some of us have issues. I still find it much more laggy for me than SL. I know people have said it is not and should not be - but I always find it so. More importantly, so many of the other people and communities I'm involved in are in SL, like Raglan and the Tinies there, Isle of Wyrms, all my roleplay sims...   Elf Clan is important to me, but so are many other groups and people. I tried going back and forth between grids a while back but it was impossible.

SL support is horrible; SL customer service is horrible; SL attitude toward its customers is horrible. But until all my other friends and groups move to InW, I am in SL. I just wish when I was in SL I could drop a message in Elf Clan chat saying "hey, great event going on at X place" or "hey, great elf stuff at Y place" or "hey, cookie raid at IOW - wanna jump in?"  But there's no way to do that. Again I say :-(

Comment by Wayfinder Wishbringer on January 14, 2016 at 12:24pm

Understood and again I sympathize.  But that would somewhat defeat the purpose of Elf Clan leaving SL, wouldn't it?

We're not asking SL-based users to move to Inworldz.  That's totally your choice.  But if as Oona wishes, one wants to keep in touch with Elf Clan and be informed of Elf Clan events and what's going on with our group, one needs to at least register with Inworlds and turn on their group notices option.  That's how to keep in touch with what Elf Clan is doing.  

Other than that... there is no further support of SL by Elf Clan... in any form (for all the reasons you mention Kylinn.  They're a horrid company-- one of the worst I've ever dealt with.)  We don't want any indication whatsoever that our group is still involved in SL in any way.  That especially includes Elf Clan announcements supporting SL events for other groups.


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