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Originally posted on: 2010-08-18 22:48:22  by Mean Golem

Hey folks!

Well I had a little thing I wanted to mention because frankly, its too darn funny not to.

As most of ya know I work at the Hard Rock Casino and recently they opened up a convention center for concerts and whatnot that holds up to 2,700 people. And it was announced that the name of the place was to be "The Joint." thats right . . . . "The Joint." Now while I snickerd about this in pre-shift, nothing prepared me for what was to be said next. The first act to open the place will be none other than "The Doobie Brothers." . . . . . . . . . . . .What? " was my response. Thats right . . . "The Doobie Brothers" to play a concert at "The joint" . . . . . Talk about a gut-busting laugh!

Oh and it gets better. I read in the Tulsa World yesterday that had an article on the concert. The headline was EXACTLY as follows,

"Doobie Tickets on sale for Joint show"

I was thinking , "Man so we have car shows, animal shows, tractor shows, gun shows, and now Joint shows. . . . "

This is just too funny. I wonder if I can expect a guest appearance from Cheech and Chong?


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