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You ever wonder what a tiny is? Here's what.

A "tiny" is a small avatar, usually about knee-height. They are made from distorting normal avatars (bending arms and legs at 180 degrees and folding the body upon itself) and covering the result with prims. A typical concept of tinies is "cute overload"... the cuter, the better.

Tinies were originally invented by Wynx Whiplash and Kage Seraph. Since that time, many other creators of tinies have emerged on the scene.

There are many different kinds of tinies. While tinies usually have fur or scales and are typically animal in nature, there are other forms such as fantasy creatures (dwagons, orkies, hatchies, elementals and more) as well as sci-fi tinies (mechs, blobs, whatever various form). There are even tiny ROCKS.

Tines can range from babies (hippos, dragons, rhinos and other creatures that when full grown are definitely not tiny) to full grown critters (rabbits, mice, rats, possums, dogs, cats, ferrets, porcupines and more). You name it... there's probably a related "tiny".


There are now more than one general type of Tiny, so thought we'd add this here:

WYNX TINIES are the originals.  Kudos to Wynx Whiplash and Kage Seraph for creating an entire genre!

DWAGONS are official Elf Clan tinies, created by our own Snoots Dwagon.  Baby dragons, immortal and nearly impervious (and thus fearless), Dwagons play in fire, ignore weather and temperature, and love cookies.  You can read a couple or three Dwagon stories here on this blogsite.  Free no-mod Dwagons are available at ElvenSong, or available for sale with a "mega-HUD" that includes all kinds of gestures and sounds and allows changing of textures and colors automatically.

DINKIES are a new breed created by Etheria Parrott.  Dinkies are tiny-size but move like biggies; they don't require body distortion.

TEENIES are even smaller than tinies and are often used for pixie and faerie avatars.  Teenies are mentioned here because although they're small, they're usually not really "tinies" in nature... but can be if the user so desires.  Teenies usually don't have the tiny "attitude"... unless of course they're pixies, which have the potential of being "tinies" to the core. 

Look at the world around us. Consider the crime, violence, wars, bigotry, injustice, sickness, old age, death and numerous other problems. Then consider a world in which everyone is friendly, ageless, happy and on the perpetual prowl for fud and fun. There are no "grown ups". Drama and attitude simply have no place and being "nutz" is a good thing. That's "why tinies". :)

Side note: not that tinies don't have attitude. BOY do they have attitude. But it's the fun kind. Tinies ARE perfect, you know. And they're smarter than biggies. LOTS smarter. Why? Well, go back to the heading "Why tinies" and read again. ;D

One thing I like about tinies: they tends to forgive and forget. Even when someone gets out of sorts, soon it's just one big fambly again. That is just so very nice. Wishes everbody was tinies.

It is totally ok for a tiny to go "nakee". Tinies sometimes "streak" biggie places with no one realizing they're doing so. It is not unusual to see a tiny at a party squeek out "I nakee!!!"-- and someone else respond "Me too!". Especially at Marty Grass parties. He hold one kewl party.

But most tinies prefer to wear clothing. Wearing any clothing at all means a tiny is not "nakee". If a tiny is wearing a hat, a tie, shoes or gloves (even if one glove)... they are not "nakee". They is dressed! "I has a hat!"

Some tinies go all out, wearing all manner of clothing and even hair, eyelashes, lipstick and bling. It's totally according to the taste of the tiny. All types of clothing are acceptable. While there are often "theme" events, showing up non-theme is "no biggie".

You get tinies chatting for very long at all (more than one minute, often less), and soon food will be mentioned.

WAFFLES top the list. No one know why it is that tinies glommed on to waffles, but they is nahm nahm nahm.

COOKIES come in a close second, just above pie, ice cream and cake. Actually, tinies like pie better than cookies, but it's hard to carry pie. Cookies can fit in pockets. So cookies is quite a bit better.

Then comes pancakes, french toast, pizza, ice cream.

Oddly enough, while it would seem tinies would just love candy... candy doesn't make round tiny tummies. The one exception of course, is CHOCOLATE. Chocolate is sometimes mentioned but not often, because to a tiny, chocolate is like the holy grail. The sight of it puts them in temporary "deer in the headlights" paralysis as they contemplate how great and wunnerful chocolate is. In truth, chocolate rates even above waffles, but again, it doesn't make for full tiny tummies. It's a treat, tinies know it, and they prefer to indulge in private when no one is watching... mainly becos pulling out chocolate in public is a guaranteed instant fur-pile.

If it's a chocolate fountain, all bets are off and diving head-first is totally acceptable behavior. Hot chocolate is warm on da hiney butt and sitting in a chocolate fountain, while not exactly appropriate behavior, is totally understandable. Same goes for warm pizza, hot brownies from the oven and freshly baked pie. Sitting before eating is totally ok. (After all, tinies is very clean). Besides, it often assures that biggies will gives us da WHOLE pie for ourselves.

Many people are of the impression that tinies talk "baby talk"... a misconception. Many tinies speak in totally normal grammar. Other tinies speak in "tiny speak" and more recently, "dwagon speak".

Tiny speak and dwagon speak are closely related and even intermixed (tinies do tend to imitate one another). Tiny speak minimalizes words and grammar. Dwagon speak is sometimes referred to as "Chicago gangster" (only in form, not in actions). Over time both "languages" have come to be largely intermixed.

An example of typical tiny speech:

Hey, you goin to da party?
Yup yup yup. It look like fun.
I not be dere. I gotta works. (cwies)
I hear dere is gonna be pie. Is dere pie? I just LUVS pie!
Dere pie. I checked. I eated one.
You eated a pie? How many you leaved?
Oh, dat lots den.
Dey gots cookies?
No cookies.
I kidding. Dere cookies.
Whew. I thinked someone was NUTZ!

In truth, tinies make effort to NOT talk in baby speech. Actual "tiny talk" is an art form that improves with use.

A typical conversation between tinies includes not only their chopped speech, but also sounds, gestures and animations. Following are examples.

Weeeeeee! (tiny jumps and does a backflip. An expression of fun or excitement.)
Nahm nahm nahm (an expression of something very tasty)
Hoooooo! (yet again a backflip. An expression of great approval or joy.)
Nuuuuuu! (Cry of regret / escape. Reserved for terrbul things.)
Eeeps! (Shock or fear.)
Jazz paws (applauding for good music)
Mwaahahahaa (insane laughter.)
Laughs lotses (tiny lays on back flapping legs and arms in uncontrollable laughter)

We not gonna discuss dis. Where da cookies?

In truth, tinies think biggies are kind of goofy when it comes to sexual preoccupation. Sex is for making more tinies, and eberbody knows you can make more tinies just by eating chocolate. Is a fact. *

If a tiny wants to get up on a table and dance nakee... chances are other tinies will join in and so what?

Biggies so proud of two "boobies". Tinies often have six or eight. What da big deal? Silly biggies.

It would be easier to point out what tinies DON'T like to do. But here are a few things:

* Drive cars insanely. Vroom vroom.
* Play Pirates. With ships. An cannons. An rums. (or milk, whicheber).
* Fly spaceships. Play astronaut. Play Star Trek. Play Star Wars. You get the idea.
* Sit on anything... especially if it is moving or rotating. (Fan blades are a special favorite).
Note: while fan blades would be potentially dangerous to most people, tinies apparently come with some kind of natural glue that attaches to fan blades no matter how fast they turn. So for a tiny... the faster the better.
* Riverdance. Boy, do tinies riverdance. Quite often reserved for the end of major events. Or just whenever anyone happens to start it up.
* Party. Tinies party. The only rule is "there has to be a good reason". "Hey, anyone wanna come dance? Dere cookies!" is considered a good reason. Standing around in a circle for more than 5 minutes is often considered a party... and quite often turns into one.
* Throw pies and toilet paper rolls. Yes, this does happen from time to time. The great thing about pies of course, is the clean-up afterward.
* Ski, race, joust, surf, parachute, play "thoccer", shoot bows and arrows, broadjump... you name it, if it conceivably might be fun, tinies will jump right in with all four paws and claws.

... and much more that would greatly extend the length of this article. Tinies have almost limitless energy and a perpetual case of "Oh... dat sound like fun!"

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tinies. The only way to truly understand tinies is to visit tiny areas like Raglan Shire or Dwagonville, and see for yourself. Oh, and do so as a tiny (either using one of the free avatars or one of the multitude of those for sale). It's much more fun that way.



You can easily locate tinies at these locations (in alphabetical order):
Dwagons at DragonForge on ElvenSong, Inworldz grid

Wynx Tinies at Raglan Shire, Inworldz grid

On SL:
Extrovirtual and Noramyr's at Raglan Shire (by Wynx and Noramyr)
Grendel's Children (various avatar creators, hosted by Flea Bussy)

I really like all the above people. Dey really nice.


* How we know you can make more tinies by eating chocolate: eber time a tiny opens chocolate, before long dere is more tinies!


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Comment by Butterpaw Bravin on February 11, 2009 at 11:09pm
Yah, what Eren said. Toys! wooohoo!! an' an' COOKIES and mmmmmm chocwate , nahm nahnm,

where dat paint, Edward? can I walks in it too? ^_^
Comment by Cinnamon Raymaker on February 11, 2009 at 11:21pm
Dis was a MUST read for biggies :))) tyvm Ewen - I lubbed it lotses ;P
Comment by ZaynTill on February 19, 2009 at 10:23am
The Revolution will NOT be televised!
Comment by Bryster Shan on May 24, 2009 at 12:22pm
Someone forgets to mention bouncing on newly made beds and splashing in milky showers. ;-)
Comment by Kylinn Leimes on April 8, 2010 at 11:18am
And sitting on bartops. :-)
Comment by Maxwell WIldcat on April 13, 2010 at 9:13am
Great article Eren. I saved this for people that have questions.
Comment by eekee eebus on October 31, 2012 at 12:20pm

Took me a while to find this today. Maybe add it to front page under Important Blog Posts? Or izzit Fun Blog Posts? I'm getting those mixed up today, prolly coz I just gone tiny.

Comment by Wayfinder Wishbringer on October 31, 2012 at 1:33pm
Done! Thanks for the suggestion. : )
Comment by Cinnamon Raymaker on November 11, 2012 at 2:04am

Oooh we needs an update on where to gets tinies in InWorldz pleez : D

Comment by Cinnamon Raymaker on November 11, 2012 at 2:05am

Oooooooh and can we get all dose projectiles in InWorldz too????? <sniggers> water melon shooters, pie shooters, toilet paper guns etc etc


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