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"There's No One On Inworldz."


This is an observation / complaint I hear from time to time.  But I have to wonder just how valid that statement really is.



When Elf Clan was on Second Life, there were many times we could visit our last sim and find it empty.  We were stagnating... as have many other groups.  We were hosting no events, and couldn't get people to host events.  Due to company policies we'd had to drop from eight sims down to one, and that last sim was floundering.  Our market had decreased from 150 to less than 30 booths.  People were demoralized.


Recently I visited Raglan Shire, one of the most supported and active groups on SL.  I often find the main sim unoccupied.  They have some 5 or 6 sims over there, and while one can usually find one or two people somewhere on those sims... that's a small count for such a large group.  Since SL is a world-wide group, one would expect to find some kind of activity almost around the clock.


The truth is that Second Life itself is stagnating.  Their concurrency (at last check) runs between 30k and 50k people.  This sounds like a lot, but statistics prove otherwise.  With some 30k regions this comes out to less than 2 people per region, even during prime-time periods.  For an international product that's been on the market since 2003... those are pretty sad figures.  I remember a time when there were more than a dozen people per region on SL.  Prior to 2008 concurrency on SL was 45k to 80k.  Now it tops out at about 50k.  Attendance is so poor LL has found it "prudent" to take user stats and demographics offline.  Relatively speaking, the use of that grid has seriously declined.



Inworldz is still a small system when compared with SL.  Even so, it is the largest of the external for-profit grids, both in region count and population.


Although we were stagnating on SL and down to one sim (out of an original eight)... we now have 31 beautiful regions on Inworldz (and growing).  Our members are active and productive here.  Elf Clan is well-known on Inworldz and has a good reputation as a friendly and fun place to visit.


When I was in-world yesterday, mid-day, there were six people on our regions.  That's during off hours.  Yes, there are times one can log in and find no one, but that's just how VR is, even on SL.


Yesterday one of our new members held a 50's "Grease" dance.  There were about a dozen people attending and they had fun.  This party was held at 3pm-- typically a VR low-attendance time.  Yet people showed up.


Visitor count is fairly high at ElvenSong and Replicant City.  Our group is active and supportive.  There are definitely enough group notices to keep everyone aware of Elf Clan.  Our members are now enthusiastically hosting regular, weekly events... something we weren't doing on SL.


At the Mad Hatter Art Exhibit recently they had numerous artist participants and numerous parties.  Every one of those parties were well-attended.  The same goes for events throughout Inworldz.  Granted, there aren't 200 events an hour like we see on SL... but at least they're real events. 


Any time of the day one can visit Inworldz Desert Island and find at least a few people there... and they're a lot friendlier and helpful than we'll find at the intake points on SL.


As far as exploration and activity... you can visit two new regions on Inworldz each day and at the end of a year you'll still have more to explore.  I promise you will not be able to properly explore the Elf Clan regions in one full day of activity.  Snoots reports exploring Replicant City alone takes well over two hours.



So although I hear people say "there's no one on Inworldz"... I have to disagree.  I think there is a lot going on at Inworldz, and quite a few people involved in it.  But as with all VR grids those things aren't handed to us on a platter.  We have to be willing to put in at least a little effort to look for activity... or even help create that activity ourselves by hosting events and parties.


When I log on to Inworldz the first thing I do is check my notices, IMs and FRIENDS list, to see who else is in-world.  If I'm feeling a bit bored or lonely I'll IM someone and ask for a port, or invite them over (just as we do in real life). 


In truth, I think there are lots of people on Inworldz.  Sometimes we just have to make an effort to search them out and extend a hand of friendship.  I'm reminded of those who complain about a lack of events, but never bother to host events themselves.  In order to find activity on any grid... we have to be active ourselves.  I think on Elf Clan we have plenty of activity.  I can find things to do on Inworldz every day of the week, any time of the day.  The grid is doing very well, as is Elf Clan.  At 31 regions and growing... I'd say we have more active members and are doing far better than we did on SL. 


As our members often say, "Inworldz rocks!"



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