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An Inworldz forum post on the current state of Inworldz:


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Comment by Minethere Always on August 4, 2012 at 3:33am

welll..not one to rain on the parade...but unless i recall incorrectly...the 4 scenics = 1 full sim referred to the server load...as far as i noticed, and i did watch this close 'before', the numbers on the splash page are adding each scenic = to a full sim, for those purposes. I still watch this closely having been in land rentals [a habit i am now trying to break] and one thing i have noticed in particular is the inworldz sponsored sims fluctuate wildly..tho i also would suggest that figure has little value to the regular izzian...as i have watched the major land barons for some time now...tho some have several sims, they are not all rented...and i think we will continue to see fluctuations as ppl come and go...or reduce from full sims to smaller parcels. Some of my asseverations would require exploring which isnt a difficult thing to do. In essence, tho pure numbers are certainly an indicator of how the grid is doing...they are not the full picture, and further investigation shows additional information [huh...where is my coffee???]

Comment by Wayfinder Wishbringer on August 4, 2012 at 5:42am

Good to see others alive and awake and actually reading this stuff. :D

For some time Inworldz didn't separate out their sim stats and for a little while (to my memory) the Scenics were included with the main regions.  Then Inworldz updated their splash page and now that page for some time has shown full sim separation data (private, scenic, mainland, sponsored).  The stats were derived from adding private, mainland and (Scenics / 4) for a total customer-paid regions.  The Scenics rent for $20 each, which x 4 = $80 (close to a $75 full region). 

Inworldz-sponsored regions increase and decrease regularly as the need arises.  I asked what these regions are and was told they are a combination of grid sims such as IDI, sandboxes, testing sims and unsubscribed mainland lands (which don't go offline if emptied).  Thus if someone purchases a mainland, the sponsored figure should decrease in proportion.

But the bottom line is that the figures shown are all paid-for regions, mean they generate income for Inworldz.  Just how much we don't know because some sims go for $60, some $75 and land barons get discounts for quantity... but the actual amount is not of importance to customers directly.  As we see that figure increase it means Inworldz is increasing in profit, which is good for everyone-- company and customer alike.

In the past I've seen that figure fluctuate, once notably as Inworldz dumped a bunch of "stagnant" and no-longer-needed testing sims.  Interestingly it took them very little time to jump right back up to former figures, which is a good sign.  Overall what we're seeing is growth... slow but steady.  And we all know that "slow but steady wins the race".  Sometimes it's not the fastest nor the strongest, but the most reliable who succeeds in the end.  : )

BTW, Jim Tarber just released a forum detailing the fixes in the upcoming release.  Zauber states it took him two days just to write the forum post.  There are so many fixes it took me a half hour just to read the post.  It's absolutely incredible dev work that fixes a whole bunch of major problems and adds a lot of power to the grid (one of my favorite:  instant collision teleport-- portals will work! :D.

Sim crossing is also greatly improved, as is texture loading and anti-lag measures.  Really looking forward to this one.

Isn't that odd?  We used to dread  updates on SL. : )

Comment by Minethere Always on August 4, 2012 at 6:17am

well...as i have noted, i do believe the scenics are counted 1 for 1 on the splash page...but i bow to ur superior knowledge.

i recently used 65 as an average number of paid regions and saw that the owners seem to be making a fairly decent income..tho of course i have no clue of the expenses.

personally i think setup fees should be started up again, as it makes things more difficult for land barons who absorb setup fees in their costs.,,land barons serve a good purpose for the grid.

i wouldnt mind seeing another break down...that of those sims given out freely..but, of course, that won't happen...lol

the break down is a nice touch, i did like it when it started [coinciding with scenics rollouts] and i found it interesting to watch, especially as i was then involved in crystal where most are..it was fun to see it all become connected.

i did enjoy readng of the next rollout of fixes...tho, as happened with the last big rollout..it also causes tons of headaches...ie going around to several hundred parcels to confirm all landing points were set to anywhere, was a bit of unwanted extra work, and took several weeks to get them all

Comment by Wayfinder Wishbringer on August 4, 2012 at 6:21am

Yes, scenics are counted 1 for 1 on the splash page.  Which is why that number was divided by 4 to give an overall general total of full-sim equivalent. : )


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