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Vendui,Elf Clanners.Here is chapter 18.Oona sorry it takes dis long time to adds a new chapter,but Oona had way too much RL stuffs to do,and still has sum..

Oona and Eren just got to da Torel realm and past da guards at da tavern.Da Drow dun seems to trusts strangers,still dey let us in.Oona was lucky to knows da password.Dey got a room fer da nite and Oona finds a new friend,Yle :)

Link to previous chapter:Chapter 17

Hopes ya likes it:)

Chapter 18
Oona runs to the Drow and hugs him tight."Ure Mori'Quessir!" she shouts.The Drow grins and picks her up.
Oona giggles.
The large Drow has long silver white hair with red split ends.His big red eyes in beaming.He wears dark grey and brown leather clothes and is armed to his teeth.
Eren watches the Drow."Heh...Him looks just as intimidatin as da Drow outside.."Eren says and shrugs.

"Awww,you sez da nicest things !" the Drow says and grins."Dat was not a compliment.."Eren grins.

Yle bows at the large Drow."Ib'leua Phish Orbb.Usstan orn sevir dos maglust xuil dosst abbilen.."(Humble Red Spider.I will leave you with your friends..) she says."Nau ssrig'luin ulu sevir,Yle.Dos shlu'ta zexen'uma xuil udossa"(No need to leave,Yle.Ya can stays wif us).Oona says and smiles.

Yle smiles back and sits down on a chair."So dis is Ouija." Eren says."Yes,"Oona says and smiles."Oona's Ure Mori'Quessir mellon!"

Ouija ruffles Oona's hair.Oona calls him "Ure Mori'Quessir mellon".It's Sindarin and means: Big or Grand Drow friend.And he is a big Drow,but it's not cause of his size she calls him that.Most people are bigger than Oona,but not everyone that is big gets this title.It's an earned title.To Oona,everything this Drow does for Oona is big.Big protector.Big friend.Big advicer.Big teacher.She trusts him.The Drow is old and wise.He taught her of the Drow and that they're not what they may seem.

Just cause everyone knows of the Drow,does not mean everyone understands them.

And Oona always sees the good in people.It's not just "one" kind of good.
"Ouija,da guards scares Oona.."she says and tells him what happened."Ya not says nuthin about a password."

"Oh..." Ouija says."Well..We not trusts strangers.You told them you seeked me,so you needed to know my title..Which you did."he smiles."Would has been nicer if Oona knows dis before,Ouija..."she says.

He pats her on the head."I never knew you would be coming here,Oona..If I did,I would have told you.." he says.

Oona tells Ouija about the Northern Tundra and asks him about the Northmen."Ah!The barbarians of the North...And their cheif Maulficio.."he says.

"They are large strong people.Intelligent.Good craftsmen,Excellent melee fighters and archers.They have mechanical weapons and catapults.One Northman is good,he might not attack.But don't trust him.He may lead you into a trap.See,they work well together as a team" he says."Oh,they're not the only enemy there.The Frost Goblins have a little clan also.But they're not that big of a threat..If you have gold..They like gold..and they're not too smart.."he says.

"Will ya come wif us?" Oona asks."Sure,lotha abbil."(little friend) Ouija smiles." The Yeti..Daeg..He's one large Yeti.There are some Yeties there.But,Daeg is feared,even by the Northmen.We should stay clear of him."

"Ok..Oona can do dat..."she says.She really don't want to meet a Yeti anyway.

"Sounds great..." Oona says upset."Aww,you don't have to worry..I will be there and I know some friendlies up there."Ouija smiles."The ShiverBane Elfs have a fort there.They know the terrain well and they're sure to help us." he says.

"I comin too."Eren says.Oona smiles at Ouija and Eren.She sure feels safer knowing she has two brave friends to help her."It's getting late," Ouija says."You two should get some sleep."

"Oona really not dat tired,Ouija...." she says quiet.Ouija looks at her and smiles."You know,if I knew a good bedtime story,I would tell it." he says and pats her on the head.

"Oona can stay up tonite,Oona not dat tired..." she says.Ouija looks at her,point at her and then the bed."Go to bed,silly,"he says."I'm in the room next door and..." he looks at Eren.
The Dwagon is stuck in a pillowcase and is trying to get out."...And Eren is here.."
Ouija grins. Yle giggles.
"Ya dunno dis,but him very dangerous Dwagon..when him gets out of pillowcase dat is..." she says,lays down and pouts at Ouija.

Ouija winks at her."Don't worry,I believe you." he says.
He gives her a hug,wishes her good night and leaves.Eren growls and wiggles inside the pillowcase.

"Dosst tagnik'zur zhah ves ssinjin,Oona."(Your baby dragon is very sweet,Oona) Yle giggles."Xuat dos talinth uk zhaun nindel?"(Dun ya thinks hims knows dat?) Oona says and smiles.
Eren wiggles to get free.

"Bwael isto Oona lu' Eren.Kyorl dos mufo."(Good night Oona and Eren.See you tomorrow." Yle says and leaves the room.

Oona gets out of bed and helps Eren free.
"Ohh !You knows,I almost out of pillowcase now,but thanks."Eren says and smiles.Oona giggles.

"Yes,Oona knows,just wanteds to helps ya.."she says and smiles at him.
Eren lays down,wiggles and gets into the comfy zone.Oona lays down in her bed.

"Eren?" she says."Oona wunners if it room fer Ouija in da jet...Him very big Drow..."

"Yeah,him is..."Eren says."One cookie...Two cookies..3 cookies..."

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Comment by Wayfinder Wishbringer on June 9, 2010 at 9:45am
LOL I can just see the dwagon inside a pillow case... :D
Comment by Oona Sharple on June 9, 2010 at 1:21pm
Hehee,Oona thinks him goofin around and it maked him looks silly infront of da Drow heee But Eren does wut him wants and dun care wut udders thinks ;)
Comment by Hecatya Idimmu on June 10, 2010 at 2:06pm
Oona, I liked very much: "Oona always sees the good in people.It's not just "one" kind of good." Very niice idea:)
And the new approach of the telling the story is very intresting. Hecatya can not wait to see the next chapter:)
Comment by Oona Sharple on June 10, 2010 at 2:22pm
Thanks so much,Hecatya:) Oona wanteds to adds more details to who's in da story.Not everybody in Elf Clan knows Ouija dat well.Him kinda new in Elf Clan

Most Elf Clanners knows Eren hehe Him kinda famous heee But Oona thinks dere still might be sum dat dunno how silly him can be ^^ Him dead serious when him has to,but most of da time,him just a friendly silly nutso Dwagon :D heee
Comment by Kylinn Leimes on June 10, 2010 at 7:28pm
Eren in a pillowcase - hee!


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