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Snoots Final Performance... Re-Focusing

Thursday May 16, 6pm I will be doing a live music performance for the Gypsy camp at Cormear.  It is fitting that this will be my final virtual live music performance.  

I've been thinking about this for some time and have chosen this event for a couple of reasons:

* Cormear is an Elf Clan region. 

* The Gypsies are a new group that have endeared themselves to many groups and regions over the past months.  Although they are new they equal Elf Clan in enthusiasm and friendship and spirit.  The music I will be singing is Traditional Irish and Folk.  What could be more fitting than the Gypsy camp on Elven lands to do my final virtual show.


Answers are simple:  limitations and focus.

I wrote my first song in 1980.  That was 33 years ago-- quite a long time to be performing.  The passage of time takes a toll on us all and in my case, the toll has been primarily with asthma and available energy.  While at one time in my life I could sing until 3 or 4 in the morning... these days an hour show taxes me.  I'm not old (yet) but neither am I any longer young-- and one has to be realistic.


My voice has grown weaker over time as has my lung capacity and finger strength.  It's no longer easy to maintain the steady vocal energy required for an entire show.  In addition, as my last performance indicated both allergies and asthma make it increasingly difficult to sing well these days.   The last two shows were not up to my personal standards (although my friends were most encouraging-- and thank you for your support as I bumbled through that [expletive omitted] asthma attack). 


It's also a matter of focus.  I don't perform regularly like some do, so I don't practice enough to do live performance proper justice-- and that's simply unfair to the performance and my audience.  If one is going to perform publicly, I feel I owe it to my listeners to present my best.  When that's not happening... it's good to re-evaluate one's goals.


And simply stated... ya can't do everything.  I'm a builder, scripter, merchant and help manage a large group and lands.  I'd rather do one or two things well than over-extend myself and bungle along.  Frankly my music has been suffering lately.  So I'd rather leave the performing to those who make that their primary VR activity.  We have some great performers on Inworldz.

I love music and enjoy performing for my friends, but my public performance days are coming to an end.  More and more of my time is being taken helping other people with scripting and projects they're working on, as well as my continuing projects on Replicant City, DragonForge and Elf Clan. In addition my real life great nephew is now 16 months old and I need to spend more time with him.  Getting to bed on time once in a while would be nice too. :D


So the Gypsy Camp Live Music performance on May 16 will be my "final" on Inworldz (never say never... you know how that is, but this is for all intents da last one).


Thank you all for attending my shows.   I'll try to make the May 16th show a good one.  It will be solid traditional music (mostly)... and hopefully my voice will hold out this time.  I'll even try to practice my chording a bit before the show and I'll have some 80-proof medicine off to the side just in case all that preparation needs some throat-soothing in addition. Mmmmmm brandy:  The gentleman's drink. 


Thanks for your enthusiasm through the years.  Hope to see you all there. : )


-- Snoots

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Comment by Bellini Cazalet on May 8, 2013 at 9:24am

Dis is sad.  DA DWAGON sings such purty music, I gonna miss da sound of it.  *sigh*  But I knows what you means, some time you jes gotta pick sumfin an stick to it.  An I know, if you can'ts breave you can'ts sing n' ya can'ts roar.  It way more important dat you be a healthy n' happy cause you is DA DWAGON!  So you stick ta singin lollybies fer you grand neffie, an buildin n' scriptin cool new stuffs fer us.  We gonna hafta make sure we gets to da Gypsy camp to listen to da sounds of Da Dwagon an remembers it fer ever.  *nods nods*

Comment by Hecatya Idimmu on May 9, 2013 at 11:51am

Dear Eren, I have not been too much of a participant on your shows for some many various reasons. But I always loved them all and had a great time. I will miss them. I wish you the best on in everything you do and I hope that over the years to see you performing live again together with your great nephew. 

Many Hugs from H.

Comment by Snoots Dwagon on May 9, 2013 at 12:37pm

Tyty bof.  I enjoy performing; it's just becoming increasingly difficult to do so and get through a show without voice (or memory) giving out.   If I was still 25 years old and did this as often as I once did (so that I had the songs down by heart and the chords memorized totally), that would be different.  But these days I perform about once a month and that's just not often enough to do it justice. So I'll stick to building and scripting and leave the live music performance to those who do so daily and do such a wunnerful job. : )

Comment by Kylinn Leimes on May 14, 2013 at 2:10pm

Sadly, 6pm SLT is too late for me to attend on a worknight, but I wish you all the best in your performance. I remember the concerts you did in SL with great fondness. (And the art - this being Art Walk. "Neber Mess With Jedi Dwagon" has been hanging in my skybox home for over a year, and it always makes me smile.)

Comment by Wayfinder Wishbringer on May 16, 2013 at 5:05pm

What, no more dwagon chirping?   /me contemplates upcoming years of peaceful quiet bliss in the Elven forests...

Wait... that means he'll have more time to swipe cookies.  That'll mean extra guards, people complaining about missing cookies, angry mobs... ugh.  Now I'll have to find something to keep the dwagons occupied...


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