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I am going to be a little un-dwagon here for a moment, by necessity.  Time to don my Guardian role... a cloak I try to wear as seldom as possible.

A member of Elf Clan wished to bring a specific theme into Elf Clan and when such was declined, left Elf Clan and began making public claims of "discrimination".  Such claims are false.  This blog sets the record straight.

Torchwood is an adult, intentionally-controversial show.  Such concepts are against our G-rated, family-friendly  group and lands.   This member applied to add that theme to our lands and when her request was declined, she attempted to turn the matter into a homophobia issue.  She began IMing people she barely knows misrepresenting the discussion, forcing us to file abuse reports and an Elf Clan member to file a ticket with documentation of defamatory activity.

It is not our business nor concern how people exercise their real life and personal  choices.  It is not our business how people conduct their virtual lives outside of Elf Clan lands.  It is our responsibility to see to it the Elf Clan Charter is respected and followed.  That Charter states this group is G-rated..(not PG, not PG13) and that our environment is family-friendly. 

There was no intent at "discrimination" and this user was told so.  As Eldar Peter Lioncourt states, it's not an issue of homosexuality; it's an issue of sexuality, period.  Blatant "in your face" sexuality and controversy is not what Elf Clan is about.  Torchwood is no more acceptable in our group than Sex in the City.  It simply doesn't fit.   Doctor Who fans are themselves significantly divided in their opinions about Torchwood, many claiming it tries to turn a basically fun Doctor Who into something else entirely.  When a show proves too controversial for fans of Doctor Who... it's likely to be contrary to the family-friendly purpose of Elf Clan. 

This member's bid to acquire two Elf Clan regions was not rejected because of theme... but because of  ensuing drama.  In this group drama is forbidden.  The Elf Clan rule is No drama, zero-tolerance.  She broke that rule, so her request was declined.  It's that simple.  Any claims otherwise are just more drama.

Now, back to playing dwagon.  It's much more fun than Guardian. ; )


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Comment by Minethere Always on June 24, 2012 at 7:59am

well, fortunately, i guessin'..hehe....i had elf clan chat turned off.

glad i missed most of whatever happened...i avoid drama like the plague it is...and i am very pleased to see the policy being upheld...good work snoots

Comment by Minethere Always on September 4, 2012 at 4:28pm

however...i recently found torchwood on netflix...rather enjoyable...[or..am i just bored to death? you go figure--lol]


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