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Recently Tateru posted a blog presenting Second Life as if it were a Monopoly game.  The blog includes a pretty nifty game board.  You can view it here:



So I started thinking on it and well, it's a viable concept.  Here are just a few of the "Linden Lab Policy" cards I came up with:

Linden Lab increases tier fees with no grandfathering.  Shut down 20% of your land holdings.


You discover severe server-side texture issues.  Lose 2 turns while textures reload.


SL Market delivers wrong item.  Put back vehicle asset and take random clothing card instead.

Asset server changes all objects to full perm.  Lose all merchant-related assets and move them to the Freebie card pile.

Linden Lab ignores several JIRA postings.  Close your eyes and place playing piece on a random square.

Linden Lab stacks your server... again.   Lose 1 turn every other turn until the end of the game (if all players have suffered this, everyone takes it for granted and the game resumes as normal).

Customer support finally gets back to you after several months.  Lose 12 turns.

Linden Lab releases a new Viewer.  Lose 5 turns while trying to figure out new game rules. 


You are forced to provide a detailed, tech-level JIRA to the company in order to get a basic function to work.  Move only 1/2 the spaces you roll for the rest of the game.


Those are just a few to get started.  Maybe you can add some of your own.



P.S.  If this SL Monopoly game doesn't sound like a lot of fun... be assured-- it isn't.  ; )

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Comment by Wayfinder Wishbringer on May 23, 2012 at 1:24pm

It just gets better and better:


Comment by Cinnamon Raymaker on May 24, 2012 at 2:21am

Chance Card:

Sim Restart in 5 minutes - forget about attending a live music event and go watch tv instead!

(Murphy's Law that every artist in SL in the early am has gone through this!)


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