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Once upon a time Schlitzie, Zauber and Mean Golem were out touring the countryside.  Suddenly there came a downpour and the only available shelter was a farmhouse.

They knocked on the door and despite the fact the farmer met an Ork, a Dragon and a Viking at his door, he welcomed them in hospitably.

"I have but a small home," he told them.  "I can sleep two of you barely, but one will have to sleep out in the barn.  There is a cow and a pig out there, if ye can handle that."

Schlitzie was the first to speak up.  "I'm an Ork.  I can 'andle ANYTHIN'!"  So he goes out to the barn and everyone settles to bed.

Five minutes later a knock comes on the door, and there stands Schlitzie.

"I'm sorry, but strong as I am, that cow and pig are stronger.  I can't take the smell."

"That's all right," Zauber said.  "I'm a dragon and I've got no problem with cows and pigs.  I'll sleep in the barn."

So everyone settles down to sleep.  But 5 minutes later there is a knock on the door.  They open to find Zauber standing there.

"I've lived 500 years," he states.  "No offense, but I've never smelled such rancid animals."

"Oi, yer all wimps!" says Mean Golem.  "Sleep in yer tidy beds, I'll go out to the barn!"

So once again everyone settled down to sleep.  But 5 minutes later there came another knock on the door. 

There stood the cow and the pig.

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