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TranquillityDexler wrote:
Stjarna The TOS is not elastic. You've completely glossed over everything that I just said to push an agenda. Elf clan has existed in SL before there were here and may have had different practices there since there were mixed ages. I have no solid evidence that any group is intentionally breaking the TOS.

On top of this I've asked no one attack any group or individual and you're doing it anyways. If you think there is a TOS violation, file a report.

We will not be asking region owners to change anything to satisfy you. 18+ people can still desire divisions between adult and pg and I will not take that away from them

THANK YOU Tranquility, for setting this matter straight and stating the reality of our group position. I hate being forced to assume my role of Founder of Elf Clan. But when someone makes public accusation against our group I feel an obligation to respond and defend our group.

I intend no personal attack against Stjarna in this post-- merely public factual reply to public libel. As she has repeatedly over the months misrepresented Elf Clan, taken quotes out of context and twisted their meaning, and directly and intentionally attacked both Elf Clan and Inworldz (no matter how flowery and oh-so-polite the speech)... I am here to set this record straight. This is not a matter free of personal agenda.

Many months ago Stjarna joined Elf Clan, claiming enthusiasm and love for our group and what we stand for (namely honor, respect and friendship, the core tenets of our Charter). Almost immediately she joined another problem-user on our official group blog in attempting to challenge our Group Charter and in posting disruptive and hateful comments. She was privately cautioned twice about such activity, but only escalated both attitude and posts. As a result she was barred from the blogsite and removed from the group.

Since that time there has been little doubt this user has an agenda against Elf Clan and holds a vendetta against our group (and now apparently Inworldz itself). She uses these forums to attack our group and group leaders on a regular basis. I am sure many long-time Inworldz users know exactly what I mean.

There is a provision in the Inworldz TOS document forbidding public defamation of individual or group. That TOS rule has been repeatedly breached in this case.  Thus in rare and uncharacteristic move on the part of Inworldz, an entire thread containing abusive posts by Stjarna was removed from their forum site.  This should leave no doubt as to the impropriety of her activities and claims.

We as a group have made considerable effort to ignore such petty activity, but this has grown open enough and often enough to warrant direct reply. Eldar Moontan made Elf Clan's position crystal clear. I quote for emphasis:

Moontan wrote:
Thank you Tranquillity. Elf Clan does not ignore the TOS nor encourage underaged persons to join Inworldz. There are no youth activities. Can't keep track on our 500+ members so I have no idea if any of them is actually 18+. The only thing Elf Clan provides is a safe PG environment for all that wants, likes or needs one."

Tranquility himself has posted decision that there is no intentional breach of TOS by Elf Clan in this matter. I quote this for emphasis:

Tranquility wrote:
Note that I have deleted a post that was intended to inflame this thread. I restate I have no evidence that elf clan has broken the InWorldz TOS and until such time as they do there is nothing actionable. Please refer back to my first post on avoiding accusatory language against any individuals or groups in this thread.

I am here to state publicly-- in response to spurious public charges-- that our group supports Inworldz TOS and that any statement otherwise is nothing more than personal agenda... for reasons that we have no way to discern.

Regarding "Snoots" statement regarding sending minors to Elf Clan... Snoots is a tiny and was posting unofficially (as he himself stated) and in character for a dwagon. Those statements also reflect unofficial group policy that was created long ago to help Elf Clan deal with fluctuating SL policies and failure of that company to moderate their own grid. Since direct statements were made in those posts explaining the concepts behind the decisions, forum member(s) pulling out precise quotes to make it seem otherwise and thus presenting them out of context is certainly most questionable and dishonorable.

A full, statement-by-statement discussion of Snoots' post is here; there is no conflict with Inworldz TOS: http://inworldz.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=139722#p139722

Elf Clan official policies can be read in our Group Charter at http://elfclan.ning.com. But as with all groups and region-owners, some policies are unofficial, policies of experience based on what has worked and what has not worked in the past. There is no denying some of those policies have been influenced by the negative SL environment from which we came. Some may need to be revised as time goes by. But one policy that will never change is our policy of honor, dignity, and friendship. So long as someone keeps his nose clean and follows the Elf Clan Charter (ie, is behaving him/herself), we pretty much welcome them and don't go looking for trouble. Why would we?

So that it is clear I post an additional to-the-point quote from Moontan, stated in an Eldars Meeting:

"As I see it. TOS is what it is. Elf Clan officially follows the TOS. 
Members can individually decide whether to report minors or not. That's up to them. Reporting minors is NOT part of the TOS."

This is what it comes down to.  It's really up to each region owner to decide in what manner to police their regions and how far that goes.  It is not the obligation of Elf Clan as a group to act as Inworldz administrators or police.  We do not actively, as a group, invite minors to our lands, despite the fact they are G-rated and family friendly.   In agreement with Inworldz policy stated by Founder Elenia, if a parent brings a minor to Elf Clan lands that is their decision and they are responsible for that decision.  That minor is, as is always the case, the responsibility of the parent.  We take it such rule applies equally to legal guardians, nieces and nephews and younger siblings, but that is for Inworldz to decide, not Elf Clan.  No official policy has been stated in that regard.  Again, we leave it to individual region owners to decide how to conduct their regions in this matter.  Elf Clan as a whole supports the Inworldz TOS.

In short, while we obey the Inworldz TOS, we do not enforce it, nor do we feel obligated to do so. We're customers, not grid administrators. If Inworldz wishes us to do otherwise, Inworldz can contact me and let us know, and we will work from there.

As Tranquility says, if someone finds a member of our group or group itself to be (in his/her opinion) in violation of TOS, they are welcome to file an Abuse Report. First I recommend contacting one of our Eldar so that we can examine the claim as to its accuracy or falsehood. Bringing such to the Inworldz forums will no longer be tolerated and will itself be filed as an abuse report. There will be an end to this intentionally-hostile and disruptive nonsense.

Elf Clan goes out of its way to present lands and group that hold honor, respect and friendship above all. The only ones we tend to have problems with are those who do not hold such things in regard. Our lands are G-rated and family-friendly, and have always been so.

-- Wayfinder Wishbringer
Founder, Elf Clan

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Comment by eekee eebus on September 15, 2013 at 8:03am

I got fed up with the sort of things Stjarna says up a long time ago. It became one of those situations where I sort of liked the person but couldn't bear to be near her. These recent events have brought her attitude into focus.


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