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Thank you all for the intrest and for the fact that you are always niice with me. Here is the fourth part of the story. I hope that you will still ike it and I will try how much I can to write correctly and

Akir took Issabela's hand and run with her in front of the biggest mirror. He had so many thoughts in his mind in the time of the few steps he made. What if mirrors are a gate? What if Issabela is Akuna after all? What if this is a dream and they will wake up toghether? Tooo many what if...Too many hopes that maybe it is a connection between Issabela and Akuna. He could not stop believing, he could not stop hope , he could not stop wish for something soo beautiful...But mostly he could not stop thing at Akuna, even with all this new things around him. Somehow he wanted to be free, to not feel that constant pain, that constant wish of beeing close to Akuna.The ffact Akir was feeling so confortable with Issabela, the fact Issabela was looking almost like Akuna made him crazy for a second.
-I must find the answers, I must find now who you are , I must I just must .. I screamed with the voice full of affection and pain ...
-Oh, Akir ...Issabela was very calm, very serene , she just followed him in front of the mirror.
And there..
They look toghether in the mirror. Akir touched the mirror..He was expecting that the mirror to behave in the same way the ones on his world will do: give him energy, talk to him, solve his problems in a way???
But nooo, those where different...cold , lifeless , objects , just something big , heptagonal , silver coloured, made apparently from crystal ..Something dead ...
He was soo disappointed He crushed into himself. .Did not see anything. A black-out of all his senses.
After a few second he noticed something. He saw that in the mirror he had red skin. Issabela had still white skin.
-Do you see this , do you see that the mirror shows me as I am? Do you see? In the mirror
I have my red skin.
-No, you do not...You are white ..
-You don not see that?...???
-No...You are white just like me, just like me.
For a moment Akir imagined that if Issabela would have red skin she would be Akuna, that was . whole difference.. He was devastated....
-What is this where am I? Who are you?
-I am Issabela, the lady of this land. The land is called The Kingdom of Glass. Not everything you see is true, many of the things are only in the visitors minds. But from what I saw you see the things as they are without anything tained.
-No, I see myself with white skin, but in the mirrors is red. Why , why answer me please?
Is too much pain, I can not stand no more.
-I am looking exactly the way am I.You seen on me the true me.Youu are the first and only that ever did that. I do not know why you see your skin different. Maybe you just miss home...Talk to me about your home, you promised me.You are the first visitor here that is uninvited.
-My home is Akynoia. I do not remember my birth. I am like this from many time. On my world is only light. I like in a giant place made of red stone The chambres are also very tall, and very empty. There are many green mirrors...Akir started the story of his home..Issabela was looking in his eyes deeply , listening .After a while he felt again without energy and pass out...Beeing between sleep and a certain given reality he felt the
iron of the desert on his hands ... first thought " Issabela?"

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Comment by Moontan Valeeva on March 15, 2010 at 12:04am
Read it Hecatya :) Waiting patiently for the next episode
Comment by Wayfinder Wishbringer on March 15, 2010 at 7:01pm
I have a suggestion to these stories: it would be good to include web links from one story to the next (both previous and next) so that people can read the entire series. :-)
Comment by Wayfinder Wishbringer on March 15, 2010 at 10:13pm
(As a note: since this is a continuing series, I've chosen to "feature" only the first part of the story, in order to limit confusion in the "featured blogs" area. But it may contain a link two part 2, then onward, so that the entire series may be read as a whole.) : )
Comment by Hecatya Idimmu on March 17, 2010 at 4:12pm
Terrence, thank you soo much for the good comment. I am glad if I described somehow real the feelings. I will not tell you the mystery of Issabela and Akuna just now :D... I can tell you a secret I am thinking of making a story with 2 or more endings;)) But for now is just a thought...

Moontan, thank you soo much for the reading:)

Terrence, Moontan I hope very much that you will like the next piece:)

Wayfinder, I listened to your advice:) I put some links at the blogs. I hope I understood correctly. Please tell me if you can if I did right like that:)

Many thanks to all. You are all very sweet with me:)


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