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I is listing here several of my very favorite recipes. The main concept here is something that is fast and easy to make and that tastes wunnerful. I hopes you likes 'em.

Ingredients: 1 box of cookies

Preparation: Open box of cookies.

Serving suggestions: Eats cookies.

(ancient fambly recipe)

1 lb hamburger meat, fried and drained
1 large can baked beans, whichever flavor you perfers.

As stated, scramble fry and drain grease from hamburger
Add LARGE can of baked beans to mixture. Simmer generously, about 10-15 min until good and bubbly.

Serving suggestions: Glop it into a bowl and eat it.

It is difficult to describe this incredible flavor sensation. It sounds too simple to be true. But it is one of the tastiest dishes on the face of the planet.

Alteration: you can substitute pork and beans for baked beans and add katsup and mustard to taste. Works equally well.

Cooked chicken. Roasted instead of fried is best, but whicheber. It still chicken.
Spices as listed below

Preparation: Add butter and shredded chicken liberally to bread. You can use mayo instead of butter and that's fine, but the butter works better at bringing out the flavor of the spices.

Spices: There are many, many variables on this, but here is my favorite:
POULTRY SPICE (you can get this in just about any store. If not, look for "Italian seasoning" which isn't quite as good, but it works). Powder moderately.
Black Pepper: Just a slight dashing to indicate some is there.
Soul Food Salt: This is one of any several varieties of spiced salt that works very well in this recipe. You can alternately choose "Cajun Salt", "Seasoning Salt", or one of several others. Which one you choose depends on your preference for hot spices or lack thereof.

Put spices right on chicken. Add lettuce and close 'er up.

Serving: Open mouf. Insert sammich. Chew slowly and flavorfully. Nahm nahm nahm.

Frozen or fresh Talapia fillet
Salt & Pepper
Flat microwave dish

Put Talapia flat out on microwave dish.
Cover with CLEAR PLASTIC wrap.
Nuke on High in microwave for exactly 3 minutes (for about 8 oz of frozed fishy)
Remove, remove plastic, add budder, salt, pepper.

Alternative: With this dish, oddly enough that "Poultry Seasoning" mentioned above is pretty good. Add it before cooking.

(See Talapia instructions. Zactly da same. Just slice Zucchini lengthways and substitute for fishy. Nahm nahm nahm.

Ingredients: a different box of cookies...


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Comment by Butterpaw Bravin on December 8, 2008 at 6:01am
Hmm .. Edward.. you can cooks?? ... I got dis kitchen ...
*Butterpaw laughs lotses - :D
(an' dose game hens, dey sound nahm, nahm)

SamariaSilk I wuvs dat Pizza! yummie!

Eren - me likes dose recipes :D ... I make da diabetic mods and dey perfect for me.. nahm nahm nahm .. me likes flat-out salmon too ... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ^_^
Comment by Schlitzie Martini on December 8, 2008 at 10:17am
ROIGHT! 'ere's a reci....err reza....reesy....'ere's sum fingz dat we orkz likez ta put on da cookin' fire!


wot goez innit: meat....anykind'll do

b'fore burnin': yank off all da hairy bitz

burnin': slap it onna spit, in a pot, on a skillitz, wot ever ya got! Burn it till it stopz yellin'!

eetz fer: dat dependz on wot ya got cookin an' how many hungry gitz ya gotta feed!

oh an' 'ere'z anuvva!

Beer Butt Hobbitzez (or chikun, dey boff taste like 'obbitz!)

Dis un'z fer when ya gotz a bar-b-kyoo-in' pit a goin!

wot goez innit: 1 whole hobbit (or chikun), one can uv BEER (cheap beer workz great, PBR 4 teh WINZ!)

b'fore burnin': take yer hobbit, yank out all da gooey soft bredz inside (save um fer later!) lop off da 'ead if'n ya dinna do dat already, and shove a can uv BEER up it's bum!

burnin': put in on da grill fer bout....umm...(/me begins counting fingers '1...2....lotz....lotz an' lotz...') err fer lotz an' lotz uv minutz! It should be brown when yer done burnin' unless ya likez em extra burny! (about 45-60min depending on how ya cook)

survz up: lotza grotz, a few boyz, mebbe 2 nobz, 1 Warboss....an Gutnutz fer mebbe minut or 2!

(Now then Eren...yank that old nasty fish outta there an' make that a fried battered CATFISH, THEN we can talk!...yes I know it's a nasty bottom feeder, but it's a TASTY nasty bottom feeder! What can I say, I AM a southern boy after all, I loves me some catfish, best tastin' fish ever!)
Comment by Schlitzie Martini on December 8, 2008 at 10:29am
oh an fer a kwik nosh onna go, 'ere'z a good un!


datz eazy, jus' grab up any runty grot ya find, an' start ta noshin'! Snotlinz iz ok, an' gobboz iz good too if'n dey izn't too cunnin' ta hide, but any runty grot'll do!
Comment by Snoots Dwagon on December 8, 2008 at 1:24pm
All dat ork cullinaughty an not a single cookie mention. Dey not know how to cooks.

I thinkins to dat if a single hobbit can "survz up: lotza grotz, a few boyz, mebbe 2 nobz, 1 Warboss..." Orks not knows how to eat. A single dwagon can eats a whole bufflo if ya gives us long enuff. :D

What da difference between a catfish an a attorney?
Answer: One is a nasty, slimy bottom feeder. Da other is a fish.
Comment by Schlitzie Martini on December 9, 2008 at 12:13am
oh ya want ork cookie makinz? ok 'ere we go!


wot goez innit: 1 box uv dwagunz cookiez

how ta makez it: give da dwgun a fump on da 'ead, den takez da cookiez

step 3: eet da cookiez!

ya gotza remember, dat lotza grotz iz probly about a handful uv snotlinz or gretchinz, and dey don't eat big like orkz coz dey'z runty, and da Warboos iz ALWAYZ gonna get 1 full hobbit, da rest go to da nobz, an' DEN to da boyz an' DEN da grotz if deyz can snag it b'fre da squigz getz to it!
Comment by Wayfinder Wishbringer on December 9, 2008 at 2:18am
In my experience, thumping a dwagon on the head is about as effective as thumping a rock. Solid bone surrounded by diamond-hard scales. Which means they'll see a couple stars... then recover just in time to see you snatching their cookies.

And I pity da foo...

Comment by Schlitzie Martini on December 9, 2008 at 7:19pm
HAHA! Wayfinder, ya REALLY do gotta learn more bout ORKZ dan ya FINK ya know! There's wayz uv givin' a FUMP on da noggin dat werkz for ALL kinda nogginz.....I jus' didn't say wiv WOT ta fump em wiv now did I :)
Comment by Snoots Dwagon on December 9, 2008 at 8:21pm
/me gets all snorty and fumey. Puts on pots an pans magical armor.

Yeeeww couldn't thumps a wabbit so it'd notice. Last time you tried to thump a dwagon, you club was stuck in ground for a week. You gotta catch us first if you wanna thumps us an orkses is fat an slow. An dey smell likes lilacs cos dat what dey bathes in... lilacs wadder.

/me turns hiney and nya nyas.


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