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ELF CLAN is a fantasy/sci fi group stationed on ElvenSong region in a 3D virtual world called Inworldz. We have at this time more than 50 regions of various themes and designs, owned by individual members.

Elf Clan is more a "themed" group than role playing. We're an Elven Fantasy group, one of the oldest in the VR worlds (since 2004). We've been on Inworldz almost from the beginning (there were 14 regions total when we set up here).

Members tend to be in-character while on our lands, as it's more fun that way. But we don't require anyone to take character roles or speak / act any certain way. Visitors and members may be in or out of character at their choosing. We're pretty relaxed.



Elf Clan was originally founded on a system called Second Life, a very expensive platform.  Increasing expense, decreasing service and unfriendly policies stifled our group and prevented growth.  Inworldz proved to be a very viable alternative.  It is far less expensive, the company more friendly and helpful.  It is more stable than other grids we've examined (including Second Life).  Inworldz works actively at fixing bugs and developing new functions.  The scripting engine is much faster and more efficient, the grid operates faster and better, and the building tools are considerably more powerful.  In short we got much more for our money and a more hospitable environment.  As a result our group boomed far beyond any growth we'd experienced before.  Our lands and creations are more beautiful and our theme more diverse.   In short, Inworldz proved to be ideal for our needs.

We do have role playing rules available for those who wish to engage in such activities. However, reading such is not required to enjoy our group or lands; role playing is optional and voluntary.

Orc Embassy
Elf Clan is very loosely based on Lord of the Rings, with a few twists. The Orcs are our oldest and most loyal allies (despite the occasional very hyper wars). Dragons are guardians of our lands. Tinies run about causing mischief. Pixies and Fae abound (mostly to keep the Orcs in line). All in all we are a pretty laid-back and very friendly group. We openly welcome visitors. Our lands are "Web-G, family-friendly".

Replicant City, high-sky ElvenSong
Elf Clan is not strictly limited to Elven fantasy. We also currently have science fiction and steampunk themes, and are looking to add additional fantasy / sci fi themes in the future. We believe diversity makes exploration more enjoyable.

Our recommendation for visitors to our land:
Pick up a TOUR GUIDE and TELEPORT HUD at ElvenSong Castle. Be sure to visit the Crystal Palace, Replicant City (a high sky sim-wide science fiction build), ElvenGlen,  ElvenMyst and Land of Lar.

Come join us in a wondrous romp that includes fantasy, science fiction, steampunk and more.

ElvenGlen Castle

If you like Elf Clan and would like to own your own region, please contact us. Our members love being part of our group of fantasy / sci fi islands.

Forestal Tavern, ElvenMyst

-- Wayfinder Wishbringer

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