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HOW TO MAKE A DOOR-- the Dwagon Way

in virtual reality worlds

How you makes a door?  It not as easy as some people may thinks.  Followings is step-by-step guide of how to make virtual reality door.   Please not lets it scare you.   May wanna have stock of cookies on hand... or Valium.

You will need several things:
1. Virtual doorknob
2. Virtual door
3. Building to link it to
4. Ethyl alcohol (vodka or Everclear will do)
5. A scientific calcultor
6. The official Inworldz Viewer
7. A small quantity of ice
8. A pillow
9. A shallow glass

Here are the steps involved:
* Rez the house
* Place the virtual door in the proper position. The Dragonforge or WELD doors work well, as they are free and open-source (pick up at ElvenSong Freebie wall).
* Rez the doorknob and put into place.
* Link the door to the house.
* Link the doorknob to the door.
* Realize the door came unlinked when you linked the doorknob.
* Place ice and vodka in shallow glass and take a sip
* Select doorknob, door and house and link all three.
* Suddenly realize everything in your build came unlinked all at once.
* Take a bigger slug of the vodka and ice
* Select your entire build and link it
* Realize on testing that you accidentally linked the door last and now when you touch the door, the entire house turns.
* UNLINK the door, re-select it, select the house last, re-link everything.
* Have another slug of vodka just for the principle of it. Refill glass.
* Test door. It should open. Discover however instead of opening 90 degrees it rotates 180 degrees and gets lost in the wall.
* Do some tricky camera work to locate the now-invisible door, pull it out of the wall, place it back in proper position.
* Use scientific calculator to determine eular-to-radian-to-quaternion-to whatever conversions to get proper rotation.
* Mod the script to the best of your ability so the door opens only 90 degrees.
* Save the script and test the door.
* Notice it now rotates upwards instead of sideways.
* Slug down vodka in one gulp. Get more ice, more vodka, take a deep breath.
* Manually replace door back in place, go over script again, realize you accidentally changed the Y axis instead of the Z axis, try to remember prior settings, re-set the parameters, save script.
* Drink more vodka before going further. By now you should be caring less about whether the door works or not.
* Touch door. To your delight find it works perfectly. However, doorknob stays right where it is, floating in the middle of the doorway.
* Discard separate doorknob idea and use Gimp to add a doorknob representation to the door texture.
* Test door. It works. Congratulate yourself.

Total time to make simple door that opens and closes: 2.5 hours.

Vodka consumed: Dunno, lost track. Lay pillow on floor to sleep it off.
Satisfaction in a job well-done: Considerable... until time to add the back door.

Note: prepare to grit our teeth every time a friend points out that you did your doors the hard way.


* Unlink the door and turn it phantom.


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Comment by Wayfinder Wishbringer on January 27, 2013 at 7:06pm

I can help you with a quick-and-dirty method of making a LOCKABLE door.  Please note that most professional scripters will sneer:

Right after:

touch_start(integer touch){

add these lines:

key person=llKey2Name(llDetectedKey(0));

if(person=="Yourfriend Here"){OpenDoor();}

Add a similar "if" line for every person you wish to be able to use the door (of course, replace YOUR FRIEND HERE with your friend's actual name).  This of course takes it for granted you're using a door open subroutine.  You may have to change your script slightly depending on the script you use.   But if you know something about scripting, this should give you a hint of how it's done.

If you want to be the only one to use the door, add this line instead:

if(llDetectedKey(0) != llGetOwner()){return;}

That will lock it to everyone but you.

Comment by Wayfinder Wishbringer on January 27, 2013 at 9:35pm

Right, just the "if" needs to be repeated.

Well, the reason pros would sneer is because they'd use lists and allow you to unlock or lock the door.  The one I put above was a quick-and-dirty method for beginning scripters.   Like you say, for those who want to keep their doors locked, will work just fine. : )


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