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Living on Elf Clan Lands
Elf Clan has several regions that offer rental lands.  You can find a list of currently available lands in a sign at ElvenSong region.

Prices vary widely, but as an example, you can rent 4096m of land with 2,000 prims for only z$2800 for 4 weeks. That's less than US$6 a month... dirt cheap. (Compare to Second Life: $24 a month for 850 prims.)  The lands are moderated, family friendly and scrupulously maintained by the sim owner. You won't be next to bad neighbors or garbage builds on this sim; it's part of Elf Clan!  

You can terraform your land to your preference, then we'll seal that terraform so it can't be griefed.  In addition to your ground plot, you can build a skybox between 1000 and 3000m.  If you enjoy building, enjoy being part of a community, and love the idea of family-friendly lands,  Elf Clan is a great place to rent. You have full use of megaprims, more than double the number of prims you get on Second Life, and no link distance limits. The building tools are powerful, and the lands peaceful.  Elf Clan is beautiful. Log in to Inworldz and check it out.

Go to ElvenSong region in Inworldz and in the main Castle TP point, pick up a copy of the latest list of rental regions.  Find the location you want and pay the rental box. You will be extended membership to the BUILDERS group (usually within 24 hours) and you're good to go.

All builds must be fantasy in nature. Ground areas must be family-friendly. You may have a skybox between 1000 and 3000m. Ground builds must conform to guidelines set forth in the Elf Clan Charter.  "What you do in your home is your business. What you do in the streets is ours."  : )

* Prim allowance: 2000 prims (varies depending on the lands)
* Link distance: Up to 256m or even farther, according to plot size
* Fully malleable megaprims
* Land Rental: Dirt cheap
* Elf Clan rocks!


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