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An Elf Clan Region is defined as a region in the area of the Elf Clan Fantasy Islands (also known as the Elf Clan Cluster).  These regions have a common theme, are G-rated / family-friendly, and follow the tenets of the Elf Clan Charter and the Elf Clan Visitor Guidelines.

Reasons for owning an Elf Clan Region:

* Beautiful, friendly, moderated, family-friendly, themed lands

* Appreciation for the concept and presentation of the Elf Clan Group

* You can save $15  a month off regular region costs.

* 45,000 prims as opposed to the 30,000 of a standard self-owned estate.

If you acquire an Elf Clan region you remain the sim owner, but it becomes part of the Elf Clan Estate.  If you require a RAW file upload or download you will need to request such from Peter Lioncourt.  Beyond that you should have all region powers and privileges. 

First month fee is $75 regardless.  This is an Inworldz requirement.  Second month then drops to our group discount. 


Please read the Elf Clan Charter and be acquainted with its concepts prior to applying for group region.  Please see our Charter guidelines on INTRO TO ELF CLAN, VISITOR GUIDELINES and GENRE to get a good concept of what the group is about.

If you already own a region and wish to become part of Elf Clan, please contact Peter Lioncourt.


To apply for an Elf Clan region:

Once you are acquainted with the Charter, send a notecard to Peter Lioncourt with the following information:

* Desired region name

* Intended theme (fantasy / science fiction / steampunk, specific genre etc.)

* Intent and purpose of your build

* Preferred location (if you have a specific location in mind). Describe it as direction and sim-distance in regard to an existing region (ie, 2 south of  ElvenSong sim).


You will then be contacted with additional information.


Please note that for a region to be connected to an existing region you must have permission of current owner.

Your region must allow visitors.  If you don't want visitors on your region you will need to set it up elsewhere. You can still be a member of Elf Clan, but for a region to be part of Elf Clan it must be open to visitors (at least at ground level).   Those who request these regions should be enthusiastic members of Elf Clan who understand and enjoy our concepts.

Region payments that are not made directly to Inworldz itself (ie, Elf Clan Cluster regions) will need to make region payments on time to: 



Regions not paid on time will be removed by Inworldz.  Elf Clan cannot and will not make a payment for you, nor can we allow late payments, as Inworldz will still require payment on time.  Eldar Peter Lioncourt will let you know on what day of the month your payment is due.  Unfortunately there is no "grace period"; that's just how grids work.


Any member wishing to cancel a region must do so at least 15 days prior to the next payment due date (so that we have time to transfer the region land rights to another member).  Members "waiting until the last moment" to notify us they're closing a region will still be responsible for the next month's fee.



Ground level and public/advertised areas must be G-rated, family friendly, and accepted theme.


Private skyboxes (above 1000m) are more relaxed in requirement, so long as they are private and sealed. Anything open and visible must comply with the Elf Clan Charter. Otherwise you're entitled to reasonable privacy and activity (that doesn't mean we'll tolerate a Gorean vampire torture chamber anywhere on Elf Clan lands). ;D


We encourage region owners to be creative, inventive and unique. Your theme may be fantasy, science fiction or steampunk so long as it complies with the Elf Clan Charter.



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