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Hello once again everyone. I'm going to be doing some gaming spotlights every now and then so you guys can see games with features that may appeal to some of you. This, generally, will be less of the gory death and murder games and more of creative, unique, or just plain fun games.

Today, I decided to go with a bit of a unique game series that is creative, dark, and a little controversial for Elf Clan, but rest assured, it's all a sort of , in jest, type of controversial topic, I'll explain later. These games do have a "type" of permadeath, but it's a sort of softcore permadeath, allowing you to keep some of the skills of your deceased character and try to reclaim lost goods.

The reason I'm showcasing 2 games is because they are almost the same game, just different themes and gameplay with the same core dynamics. We have Haven&Hearth, a fun 2D "Crafting" game with a dark vengence system, and Salem, the "sequel", a 3D game based on early North American settlers with the theme of, you guessed it, the Salem Witch Trials. Now, while the game has "witchcraft", it's almost more loony than realistic dark stuff, but I'll explain later.

First let's go on about!


Haven & Hearth Video

This is a VERY VERY VERY unique 2D MMO, yes, MMO, hundreds of people on at a time. The game lets you build a village with others, supplying it with food, resources, and protection. They have a lot of complex and simple things put into the game. Recently they changed the EXPERIENCE system to one of a strangeness never done before. Instead of XP from tasks, it's over time from studying curiosities, unique items found through exploration or crafted from rare or common goods. So far the game might have barely caught your attention, so let's take it up a notch.

Have you ever wanted to start a village? Ever wanted to farm? Or be a great hunter? Or a blacksmith? Or an explorer? Then you probably will love this game. You can farm a large number of crops used in many many item crafts. Exploration is a blast in this game! Finding natural caves, hunting down rare plants, or even.... exploring and find abandoned villages of other players who left all their valuables behind. But... if that not enough... the darker side... PvP.

PvP in this game isn't just killing, it's ALL SORT OF CRIMES! Players can lay down territories which can only be crossed by allies or trespassers. In order to do ANY crime, you have to spend a GIGANTIC amount of experience to LEARN THE SKILLS. Trespassing costs 20,000 exp, in relation, farming costs 200, leatherworking 600, and archery 1,000.  The ability to MURDER a player is even further, costing 100,000 exp, after a 30,000 exp skill that allows you to FIGHT another player. Bear in mind that self defense requires no skills. Even THEFT costs 30,000 exp. So a player needs at least 50,000 exp to steal from your property. The ability to set down your claim, costs only 4,800 exp. Now, this might all seem evil, and most is, but sometimes abandoned claims still hold territory and need to be bypassed to grabs goods. And sometimes, evil players who have stolen or attacked your camp have to be hunted by your village law enforcement to ensure safety! Now, if you are still feeling threatened, in time, your village can create a palisade wall to keep out those evil doers, so rest assured, safety can be obtained!!!

The game has permadeath too. Now, this might seem a bit harsh, but you can make a new character, inherit some exp, return to your old character's hearth fire (sort of a starting point you can set up and warp to), and take back your goods and claims (most of the time). This may just seem a lot less of fun, but it adds a flair of risk to the game that makes it more enjoyable, knowing you're risking it in dangerous territory against raiding players, bear, boars, and maybe even trolls! The game is though, first and formost, a crafting MMO. PvP is a way of letting players regulate themselves.

And now for it's 3D sequel


Salem Interview

This is mostly a bit of a clone of Haven&Hearth, but a few differences. Once of which, is witchcraft. Now this isn't your wiccan stuff, or your dark dark dark witchcraft. It's a little bit comical with flying brooms and all. Cursing is done by placing objects made from a Cauldron onto tools and such which can sap a player's stamina faster than normal when using it, like cutting wood on a cursed sawhorse. This in turns gives the witch a sort of magical energy guage, which, after enchanting a broom, can be used as a fuel for riding a magic broom. The scale of witchcraft isn't so deviously dark, despite the fact a witch can also enchant scarecrows to become animated beings of destruction. It's more a Halloween theme to it than actual witchcraft.

Salem, which is entering beta testing soon, is a 3D crafting village type MMO. It has more "monsters" than Haven&Hearth and a lot more to do. It also has flintlockes added to it, to fit the theme. It might seem a bit off for some Elf Clan members, but it has enough bright cheer to give a lot of fun to players.

I hope you all enjoyed this review. I'll keep more on track to more Elf Clan styled games... well, I may deviate a little, but I'm sure you'll enjoy the others even more. Let me know what you guys think and if I need to help showcase something to rest of the clan.

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