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Originally posted on: 2010-09-10 23:23:18 by Wayfinder Wishbringer

This blog is re-posted here for purely historical and archival interest.  It discusses Elf Clan's earlier days on Inworldz, written about 5 months after we opened our first region there.
Thought I'd provide a quick update to Elf Clan expansion on the Inworldz grid
(or... not so quick). ;D
We have several new sims now, for a total of six.  These sims are:
ElvenSong-- Home Sim
ElvenHolde-- Residential
Nereveren-- An upcoming secret project by Butterpaw Bravin
Moonshadow-- Moontan's home and market sim
Tesseeract-- Mouser has joined this surrealistic sim to the Elf Clan group
ElvenGlen-- Peter Lioncourt is resurrecting in full detail Elf Clan's very
first sim!
Cinnamon Raymaker is busy working hard on her lands, which form a hodgepodge of
builds and styles in somewhat a mini- fantasy community including a small
castle, tavern, waterways, giant treehouse and much more.  
Snoots Dwagon is creating a wondrous futuristic build called Replicant City
(3550m), an hommage to science fiction that will include displays from numerous
genres, including Star Trek, Firefly, Star Wars, Warhammer 40k, BladeRunner and
more.  Be sure to recommend to him your favorite science fiction themes.
Bryster Shan has built a new tavern that will without a doubt be the primary
center of Elf Clan social meets on Inworldz.  The build is beautiful and
richly textured, with a special seating area for tinies, dwagons and orkies.
BattleMace and Archery areas are built and ready to go.  All we're waiting
for is physics so we can add the equipment, and we'll be hosting sporting events
on Inworldz!
A new Elven Crystal Palace has been erected where the huge (and largely unused)
sandbox used to be, with the sandbox moved up by ElvenSong Castle.  The
Crystal Palace is strictly an eye-candy build, with rich textures and
styling.  It will very likely become the Elven Throne Room and Grande Ball
The Grotto will be a wondrous place of fairly lights and dance platform.
Diving deep into the heart of a giant fissure where once a star plummeted to
earth, it will also feature an underwater mer area.
Elf Clan's first sim was named ElvenGlen, a beautiful and historical build that
was destroyed during the Rift.   Peter has determined to rebuild that
sim in full detail, as closely as we can match it to the original.
We will be re-creating the original Elf Clan Castle, a 600 foot tall structure
of majesty and beautiful textures, along with the original Elf Clan Throne
The original Elf Clan Market will be re-created, with merchants of ancient fame
specially invited to display their wares.  There will be no rental charged
to these merchants; the space is Peter's gift to them for long-time support of
our group.  They will include merchants from the original sims, as well as
current long-time merchants who are porting their goods to Inworldz.  
Booths will be assigned by special invitation only, based on tenure and quality
of goods; only the best of the best will be presented.
The original Elf Clan Fantasy Gardens (now in ElvenMyst) will be duplicated
there on its original high-plateu location, with additions by Peter to fill out
that large area.  
The Thirsty Dragon Tavern will be replicated in its original location to the
west of the market.
Our long-time friends and most loyal allies, the Orks, will be gifted a large
dual-plot chunk of land to build an Ork Embassy worthy of their group.
Zekeen Phoenix will be granted his original plot location to build whatever
comes to his creative mind.
Longtime member Hensonian Pennyfeather will be granted an area on which to work
her creativity.
A gaming area will be placed on a high plateau to the east of the Castle.
Zauber doesn't know it yet (well, now he does), but we're going to be picking
his brains for fun gaming concepts.
The original Elf Clan Mystic Fountain Garden will be placed to the north of the
Market, leading toward the Castle.
We all know Inworldz is still working on lag and bugs; we knew that coming
in.  The good news:  Since Sept 1, CTO Tranq has come on board FULL
TIME.  So we can expect the efforts of him and co-dev Jim to bring some
good things to the grid fairly rapidly.   It's not easy; there is a
lot of garbage code they've inherited both from SL and from the OpenSim
project.  But they are determined to make Inworldz the very best VR
platform on the planet.  We think they stand a good chance of doing
Inworldz members are very loyal.   The recent hack had
just the opposite effect apparently intended by the hacker; it just made the
community stronger and caused the residents to cheer for Inworldz staff as they
spent long days overcoming the hack.  Now, Inworldz has security holes
plugged and is stronger than ever... and the community is stronger than
Tech issues we can live with.  We have a company here that is very
responsive to user needs.  It's a real uphill climb at this time, but we
all knew that would be the case.  We are pioneers in the first truly
exciting thing to happen to VR in years.  Where LL dropped the ball, IZ has
picked it up and is running with it.  As the popular joke goes... it isn't
perfect... but at least it's not Linden Lab.  BAM!  ;D
Thanks to all of you for patiently putting up with the problems on
Inworldz.  We know they're there.  We know they're frustrating.
We know at times they are even unworkable, and that folks have to log off and
just patiently wait until another day.   You're all still hanging in
there, putting up with it, knowing that the tech will improve, realizing that
the real focus is on the team who are putting all of this together, and our
trust in their intent, goodwill and courage in tackling a project of this
complexity.  It's not about the tech; it's about the people.  Find a
company with the right attitude-- and we have-- and the tech will follow.
Elf Clan currently has six sims on board, with more on the way.  We are
truly becoming what has been on our minds for a very long time:  the Elf
Clan Fantasy Community, an association of privately-owned sims, harmoniously
joined and dedicated to one thing-- creating a beautiful, fascinating and
diverse fantasy environment.  As has always been our motto, we shall be
hospitable and friendly to visitors, welcoming and encouraging to newbies, and
intensely loyal to our friends and members.  
As we have long said:  it's never been about land.  Land is just a
tool toward a purpose.  It's about the people, the community, the enjoyment
of one another's projects.   The center of any society dwells in its
Thank you one and all for helping make this long-time dream come true on
-- Wayfinder

Today is April 22, 2012.  Elf Clan has been on Inworldz 2 weeks short of 2 years. 

We have thirty regions now, beautiful and developed.  ElvenSong is fully populated with main castle, Dwagon's Keep, the Crystal Palace and Cinnamon's retreat.   Replicant City contains numerous museums and while constantly under construction, is now a full city.  Joining it is ElvenMyst, a totally residential and beautiful region.

Isla Draconia, the home of our dragons, is a beautiful garden and cavern area.  Moontan has completely formed her island into a gorgeous garden.  Peter Lioncourt owns a dozen regions and finally... the Elven forest he always wanted.  ElvenGlen has been fully restored -- and then some-- and is more beautiful than ever. We have a fully-functional archery range and lovely ballroom that we're preparing to double-duty as the new Elf Clan Museum.

Zephyre Sheridan has created a region-wide market and is waiting for Inworldz to begin its marketing push.  When they do... Elf Clan will be ready.

Inworldz has improved to the point that some consider it to be the most stable and functional grid on the planet. They've fixed not only bugs from the OpenSim project, but bugs that have plagued SL for years.  They totally re-wrote their scripting engine, the inventory and assets system, group functions and much more.  Elf Clan is very pleased with our choice to make our home on Inworldz.


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Comment by Wayfinder Wishbringer on April 22, 2012 at 8:34pm

Comments from original blog:

Posted on: 2010-09-11 14:26:08
Bryster Shan

This is amazing news! I'm so glad I put my faith in ElfClan and InZ. It's been well worth my time and patience. I have so many issues with SL. It's becoming a nightmare for me now. I love our lands there but the technical issues I'm having just make me so sad. I have none of these problems in InZ.

Hearty cheers to all of you who are working so hard to make InZ a world we can live in and to those who are going that extra marathon to make ElfClan lands wonderful in InZ. Everyday I see something amazing happening. I wish I could be there 24/7.

And let's not forget 'is Lordliness WW and Peter. Without them where would we be now? If ElfClan had Kings we know who's heads we would crown.
Posted on: 2010-09-11 18:05:56
Balpien Hammerer

Congratulations on the growth! Glad I found this commentary as earlier today I had a heart stopping moment finding elven glen flattened. And yes, Inworldz is very responsive. They are steadfastly improving the grid.
Posted on: 2010-09-14 17:31:24
Moontan Valeeva

I'm building my sim - slowly- but with great joy. I can build my heart out with the amount of prims to use.
Anyway Moonshadow is or will become somewhat different then it's description.
First of all it's not my home only- though my house is there in it's quiet little corner ;) It's open for everyone to enjoy and play in.
It's not a marketplace either tho my shop will be there .. somewhere .. Not sure yet but it will be out of sight not dominant, thinking of probably put it in a skybox or blend it in. I filled in some spots but still need to blend and connect them all together. And later I'll make an underwaterpart too.  So still landscaping for a while. You're welcome and see it's progress :)
Ohw .. and Zauber is building Dragonisle. Woot!!


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