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DOCTOR STEEL-- Steampunk Genius

Have you ever heard of Doctor Steel?  I didn't either until yesterday.  Now I'm hooked.

Doctor Steel is a fictitious creation in the Steampunk genre-- a mad scientist who intends to take over the world by means of making people happy through music and buying toys (from his website of course).   He has several Youtube videos both in music videos and simple monologues.  In both he tends to run a continual propaganda and "brainwashing" theme for his "Soldiers" (anyone from infancy to 100+ who will make and wear his uniform).  He uses "mind altering cookies" as a tool (which means of course, I joined the Soldiers last night; dey telled me cookies is in da oven). 

Doctor Steel's videos and music both bear a common theme which consists of:

1. Listening to every word he says
2. Having fun
3. Buying toys
4. Being under his control

In short, he's hilarious... a unique representation of the common steampunk mad scientist trope.   (It is rumored that "Doctor Horrible" was taken from his character... and there has been some controversy over that issue as there is significant evidence to make one wonder).

His "crew" consists of the members of his band (all male as far as I'm aware) as well as a contingency of attractive female "nurses" and "scouts" who appear in his music videos.  He also features in his videos random Steampunk fans that he taped as he toured conventions and concerts (that's the various groups of nefarious looking scoundrels you'll see throughout the video). 

Doctor Steel "retired" in 2011 under odd circumstances; he simply disappeared from public view with only a follow-up letter containing vague references to being blacklisted and betrayed-- which conjures conspiracy theories as to what actually happened to him.  Conspiracy theories?  He would be proud.

In this video, "Back and Forth"... two of his nurses add to Doctor Steel's genius with their 1920s-inspired facial expressions (I in luvs wif girl at 02:49.  She looks amazingly familiar.  I wanna find out who she is;  I hoping she will scritch me behind ear fins an feeds me cookies...)  Seriously, does anyone recognize her?   She looks so familiar!

The video starts out as a simple conversation between Doctor Steel and his soldiers; the actual song begins when one of his nurses starts singing.   Hope you get as big a kick out of this as I have.  I must have watched this thing elebenty times already.

"Back and Forth"

A second video which simply astounded me in its philosophical non-insanity, is here:

"Doctor Steel is Crazy"


I hope you  enjoy this certifiable and self-admitted nutcase as much as I do.  : )

-- You friendly dwagon... Snoots


ADDENDUM, MARCH 2013:  I now has a Doctor Steel Museum at REPLICANT CITY, high sky ElvenSong region, Inworldz Grid.  Come visits!  :D

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