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ORCS / ORKS. Both spellings are valid in Elf Clan, for our Orks are a unique mixture of the two
genres (Orcs are fantasy, Orks are science fiction). The head of the Orc clan, Schlitzie Martini, is a
great fan of Space Orks and has blended that genre into our Fantasy Orks... but not to such an
extent that it ruins the fantasy nature. They adopted the modern spelling as well as some of the
building styles. As a result, Elf Clan Orks tend to be a mixture of the genre, with each Orc/Ork
choosing his/her preferred role. (Wayfinder note: I personally tend to prefer Schlitizie's fantasy-
based building textures, hint hint. But to each his own. In our group, the terms Orc and Ork are
used pretty much interchangeably, although for greater accuracy "Orc" is more fantasy-correct.).

The only thing an Orc fears is Elven, and even that is more of a healthy respect (the feeling is
mutual). Orc are as strong as Elven (sometimes stronger) but not as fast. Because of Elven speed
and intelligence, it is generally well-known that a single Orc against a single Elf is no contest; the
Elf will win without much working up a sweat. This is offset however by the fact that while Elven
often travel alone, Orcs travel in packs... making them quite dangerous to an Elf unfortunate
enough to cross their path. (That's a historical note; Elf Clan has no such issues for here, Orcs are
peaceful. Generally.)

Just as there are different kinds of Elves, there are different kinds of Orcs. Tolkien Orcs are
generated from Elven by Sauron via use of the dark arts. Orks however are basically plants that
reproduce via spoor (and thus are without gender). The difference between the two is significantly
defined: a Tolkien Orc, although able to take quite a bit of punishment, having a heart and brain
can be killed pretty much like any other creature. Orks are another thing. They can take a great
deal of physical punishment and are extremely difficult to destroy completely. An Ork can actually
have his head cut off and still heal if someone puts it back on its neck. (After all, they never used it
much in the first place.) In Elf Clan this doesn't matter much, as they don't really have much
opportunity to kill or be killed. Thus such things become technicalities. It seems in Elf Clan the
majority of these members take the form of Orcs rather than Orks... although their style of clothing
varies considerably between the two races.

Left to themselves, the Orks have a very rough and primitive society bordering on the violent. In Elf
Clan that is very much toned down. Our Orks are almost polite... for an Ork. Nevertheless, every
once in a while they are the source of enjoyable and chaotic "wars" with one of the other races,
which is always a high time of fun in Elf Clan. Both the Ork-Elf war and the Ork-Pixie war are
historical landmarks of our group.

DWAGONS. A creation of Eren Padar (Snoots Dwagon on Inworldz), dwagons are baby dragons.
Dwagons are smart and tough and full of attitude and cookies.

Dwagons range in age from newly hatched to under 100 years old (which for a dragon, is a child).
They are highly intelligent (having inherited genetic memory) although not necessarily wise (that
requires experience). Dwagons are built like a chunk of rock. Although only about two feet tall they
weigh around 80 pounds. Kicking one is like kicking a sack of cement with sharp rocks
sticking out the side, as dwagon scales are likened to "reinforced diamonds". Dwagons think fire
is "cozy", find explosions to be a "fun ride" and will try almost anything at least twice. Lacking the
wisdom of experience and being near indestructible, Dwagons are fearless.

Dwagons love cookies and have rather odd diets, ranging from "flat fwoggies" to waffles (a staple
of all tiny creatures). They are very powerful when it comes to magic, but don't always have the
greatest control of such. Once when trying to time-shift a land to earlier garden days they threw it
back completely to the age of sulferous tar-pits... which delighted the Dwagons and Orks no end.
On another occasion the Dwagons "tweaked" an Elven magical time/space portal-- which resulted
in them discovering Star Trek, Star Wars, TRON, the Matrix and other things of modern man...
which again delighted the Dwagons no end-- and caused the Elven no end of headaches.
(Fortunately they also brought back aspirin... which has been a benefit to Elven group-wide when
dealing with Dwagons, Orks and Pixies). The Elven relegated such Dwagon antics to magical
high-sky floating builds and allow the Dwagons to go nutz there.

Dwagons are close friends of pixies; they often play together. Both are the bane of Orks, regularly
taking it upon themselves to help "decorate" Ork abodes (which the Orks really don't appreciate at
all). Dwagons are very friendly, highly creative and highly unpredictable. The Elven have a saying,
"There is no controlling dwagons."

[Genre note: Some refer to Dwagons as "hatchies", which is incorrect, as "Hatchie" is a brand, as
is the term Dwagon. While both are indeed baby dragons, they are very dissimilar in nature,
Dwagons tending to be a bit more respectful and somewhat less chaotic than Hatchies. However
there does tend to be a blending of all baby dragons in concept-- and referral to them all as either
Hatchies or Dwagons while not precisely accurate-- is nevertheless common. ]




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