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Hatred never begets tolerance.

Chatterbox (adj):  A person who talks continuously, often without forethought or consideration for listeners.  A person who doesn't stop talking. Alt: A gossip.

Chatterbox (syn): babbler, blabbermouth, blatherer, busybody, chatterer, gossip, natterer, prattler, windbag

Considering such definitions, synonyms and societal concept... why would a forum dedicated to Inworldz choose to represent itself with such a name?

Note to Elf Clan users:  Unless you are aware of the recent controversy over a new unofficial Inworldz Forum, there is no need to read this post.  Feel free to ignore this post and go about enjoying yourselves on Inworldz.  For those who are aware of the situation and have voiced concern, following is my response to the libelous and inflammatory posts found on that board.


BACKGROUND INFORMATION:  A new un-authorized (unofficial) "Inworldz" forum has sprung up which has been causing some Elf Clan members concern.  This is due to its zero-moderation, open-flaming format, resulting in threads that consist of drama, misrepresentation and repeated libel against individual people, groups and even Inworldz and its Founders.  Let's be frank: it is an unrestricted drama board if I've ever seen one.

That is of course their right.  We all believe in freedom of speech.  But that doesn't mean it is right.  Even the concept of freedom of speech has its limits.  Those limits kick in when such gets to the point of libel, misrepresentation and hate speech.

What has gone before:  In a recent forum on Inworldz, someone brought up the question of the 18+ age requirement-- with what many believe to be ulterior motive in the very posting of the thread.  In the "discussion" that followed my friendly-dwagon alt Snoots made a comment that if someone finds a minor on Inworldz and doesn't wish to report the person (ie, "rat them out")... ElvenSong would be a safe place to send them as we are G-rated and Family-friendly.

Upon this statement, an extreme amount of ensuing drama, personal attacks and insults,  misplaced "outrage" and outright trolling followed, falsely accusing both Snoots and Elf Clan of "harboring minors" and being "anti-TOS".  Certain people who are known for regularly creating problems on the forums made accusations not only against our group but against the Founders themselves, accusing Elenia of "breaking Inworldz TOS" (evidently failing to realize the TOS applies primarily to customers).

That inappropriate activity resulted not only in the thread being locked... but the highly-unusual decision to delete the thread altogether as inciting drama, attacks on other users and groups and intentional breach of the Inworldz TOS:

"Harassment in any form or fashion will not be tolerated... Flame wars, outright attacks and defamation are forbidden. This should be common sense and InWorldz will assume the adult user has some."

Following that step, Founder Tranquility Dexler created a new thread which cited Inworldz official position on the age-requirement rules of Inworldz.  Despite that announcement, ensuing posts there forced the locking of the second thread as well.

Upon this, several of those users began posting on an unofficial "Inworldz" forum supposedly dedicated to "freedom of speech".  However, based on existing posts that "freedom" appears to be defined as unmoderated open flaming, direct insults and attacks on other users, inciting hatred against users and Groups and even the Inworldz Founders themselves, misrepresentation of fact, falsification of information, mis-quoting, taking quotes out of context, total disrespect for the Inworldz TOS and typical flamer-forum drama-trolling activity.  This was noted by several more level-headed Inworldz members who attempted (without success) to put a stop to such openly libelous activity.

I refuse to honor or validate that website by registering as a member and answering their individual charges as deserved.  It is unlikely those users would listen to anything I have to say, any more than they have listened to voices of reason on that thread thus far.  Sensible discussion and reason does not appear to be the primary agenda.   So I will answer general claims here, where response may be read by those who prefer honest and mature discussion over falsification of information, emotional drama and trolling. 

Elf Clan members are of course welcome to comment per our site terms of use (with honor, respect and friendship).

If anyone has any question in regard to Inworldz' position regarding the age issue-- we suggest reading the Inworldz forum which contains their OFFICIAL opinions and decision regarding the matter:

If anyone wants to know why Inworldz member Stjarna was put on moderative status on the Inworldz forums, that information is presented here:

Please note that Stjarna was long ago removed from the Elf Clan blogsite for similar ignoring terms of use, inciting trouble and breach of Elf Clan Charter... and has held a grudge/vendetta against Elf Clan ever since.  Her posts are not without personal bias and precedence.

Please also note this quote by Founder Tranquility Dexler:

"Elf clan has existed in SL before [they] were here and may have had different practices there since there were mixed ages. I have no solid evidence that any group is intentionally breaking the TOS."  

This quote was made following the deletion of the first thread.  All evidence was fully examined by the Founders.  This is their official finding and was posted on their forums for everyone to read.  Therefore any statements to the contrary posted anywhere, any comment still accusing Elf Clan or any of its members of anti-TOS activity, constitute intentional public libel.

If anyone wants to know what "Snoots" really said (in full context rather than spot-quoted and misrepresented) here is a link with thorough quotes and explanations.  I believe it reasonable that Snoots' user would surely know the intent of the original posts:

If anyone wants to know the impression the Founders of Inworldz got from the forum drama and personal attacks, you can read Tranquility's statement here:

If anyone wishes to know Elf Clan's OFFICIAL position in this matter, that is quite easy to find, in several locations:

ANY statements which misrepresent these postings or present information contrary to the official information presented above are nothing more than basic DRAMA and TROLLING, intentional fabrications with intent to harass, defame and offend.  They are emotionally-charged accusations with no basis in truth.

Despite accusations made in the now-deleted thread-- Inworldz itself found no wrongdoing or anti-TOS sentiment on the part of either the Elf Clan group or our members, nor intent of such.  They found nothing anti-TOS in Snoots' post.  This was stated plainly.  These matters were further covered in our own Elf Clan blogs and Inworldz forum point by point, and our Group position clearly defined.

That anyone would find it "proper" to create and post on another forum to further make such libelous claims indicates a complete lack of respect toward the Founders and Inworldz, demonstrates the degree of disrespect such people have for the Inworldz TOS, and explains the disruptive affect some are experiencing on the Inworldz grid. One could properly accuse such posters of attempting to "take over" Inworldz and force the Founders to operate the grid according to their individual whims... or for some unstated reason wishing to do damage to Inworldz itself.

The very existence of that forum in the form it has taken-- an open flamer board with zero moderation-- undermines the Founder's attempts to unify Inworldz and sends a big message to the entire metaverse that Inworldz users can't get along, that they don't agree with how the Founders run Inworldz or their forums.  Sadly, this all is caused by a relatively small handful of users.

The disrespectful nature of that forum sends a clear message to that same metaverse that the users of Inworldz have zero respect for other users and are intentionally disruptive individuals (thankfully there are more level heads posting there and proving that impression wrong). 

The only reason posts were moderated or deleted on the official forums is because the posters refused to conduct themselves in a responsible, adult, respectful manner according to TOS-- because they showed there the same offensive and abusive attitudes toward other users and toward the Founders that they have shown on their own forum site.  No one else is to blame for their actions and attitudes.

To those who have had the courage to stand up against such people and and tell it like it is... good for you.  I applaud your honesty and integrity.

To the rest:  you are earning the same disrespect for yourselves and your opinions that you show for others.  The attitudes on that forum demonstrate gross immaturity-- and are inexcusably hateful.  Elf Clan members might be aware that such posts are nothing more than typical drama and trolling... and recognize such posts for what they are-- propaganda with the purpose and intent of slinging mud at anyone who disagrees with their opinions.

Elf Clan remains true to our Charter rules of Honor, Respect and Friendship toward other users and Inworldz itself... and most assuredly upholds and honors the Inworldz TOS and Founders.  Any claims to the contrary may be considered fabrications with intent to libel and disrupt our group, members of Inworldz and even Inworldz itself.

-- Wayfinder Wishbringer




reminder: This blogsite is copyright 2007-2013 Elf Clan and individual authors.  Permission to re-print  or post must be obtained in writing.  Anyone wishing to discuss these issues may do so here or refer their readers directly to this site.  Quotes in part (within context) may of course be cited according to laws of "fair use".

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Comment by Moontan Valeeva on September 11, 2013 at 1:49pm
I started reading the topic on that forum but I stopped. I almost felt offended. Almost.. because i' m not that easily disturbed. I made a statement on the official forum as an eldar of Elf Clan. I only say or write things I believe in and stand for.
So if some people have nothing beter to do than wordpicking and stirring and shouting as loud as they can I can't do a lot to prevent them to. Anyone concerned can contact me if they want.
Rember Elf Clan is not one person, not four persons..Elf Clan is about ALL of our members.


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