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(Quickly meaning about 300-500 per hour... not really all that quick, but...)

How do you back up textures so that you have an emergency copy? Here is the fastest and cheapest way I have found. It's labor-intensive, but the semi-automated process makes it much faster and easier.

First set up your avatar in a place to do this quickly and easily.
1. Find a fast sim, with good performance
2. Set your Draw Distance to as low as possible (Edit / Preferences / Graphics / Custom / Draw Distance)

Prepare your computer:
1. Create a folder on your hard drive to identify the texture content (Textures-Wood... Textures-Glass... etc).
2. Open the desired texture folder in inventory.
3. Double click the first texture
4. FILE / SAVE TEXTURE AS (find the folder location on your hard drive)
5. Click SAVE

Now here da semi-automated part. You've located the folder. It smooth sailing here on out.

1. Double click the next texture
2. FILE / SAVE TEXTURE AS / SAVE (name is automatically saved)
3. Repeat these three steps over and over until finished with that folder.

When done, press SHIFT-W to close all the texture windows at once.

That's all there is to it! Using this method, once you get on a roll where this becomes automatic, you should be able to back up your textures on an average of 3 to 5 seconds each. On a fast sim you should be able to burn right through texture saving. Even at 5 seconds each, you can save 12 textures per minute, 500 or more per hour. : )


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Comment by eekee eebus on June 1, 2012 at 5:47pm

I have easier-still 2 alternatives! One requires some quite technical setting-up, but the 2nd doesn't.

For v1 viewers, by editing XML files you can add a keyboard shortcut to "save texture as". Supposing you chose Ctrl-N, you can open a large number of textures, give them a few minutes to load (okay, several minues), close inventory, and hold Ctrl while pressing N and W alternately. I've lost the instructions on exactly which XML file to edit; I'm not going to bother as long as the next hack works.

A better idea is to use a v2- or v3-based viewer. Open your inventory and select a bunch of textures with shift-click and ctrl-click. I like to select 10-20 at a time but I've done it with many more. Right-click on the selection and at the bottom of the menu, Save As. It opens a fileselector for each texture, you can just sit there pressing return over and over. There's no waiting or anything, just one key until its done, and it's a key that's not going to mess up anything else. If there is a catch it's that this way the textures will cover your screen completely. :)

After the fileselectors are done with, just to be on the safe side I always wait for the textures to load before closing them. This is a bit tricky because the "file saved" message disappears after 30 seconds or so, a texture without any overlaying text could be saved or unsaved, but it's not too hard if you don't save too many textures at once. I could be worrying for nothing here, it might save them properly even if you close the textures early.


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