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Thank you all for the encouragement and for the fact that you have been so sweet with me. I shall continue the story. I hope that you will still like it and I will try how much I can to write correctly and understandable.

Akir had realized after a few seconds that the entity looks just like Akuna. Only the colours of her body were different. He just wanted to strongly embrace her. Thousands of memories had crossed his mind very fast. But he could not say anything, could not move. The entity have touched his face and in that moment he started to feel better .He took some energy from her and she started to feel weaker and weaker.
-Please stop, just stop. She did not realize what was happening with her , she just felt the powerfull weakness. Strangely he understood her language even if it was not his .He stoped. Too many things so fast. He could answer something now.
-Is just me, Akir. .Akuna is that you?
The entity fell near him on the green soft carpet where he was lying down too.
-What have you done? She said that almost whispering. No, my name is Isabella. What happened to you? The entity was next to him lying down and looking in his eyes..
Akir was just looking at her in her eyes too. He wanted to touch her , but then he thought that is not right, maybe he will took her all energy. He realized that maybe she is not from his kind and maybe something wrong could happend with her. And she was just like Akuna. He looked around and observed that they were laying down on a green carpet, soft and green, a little cold and wet. So much emotion and sensations in his mind. He saw some things tall starting with a brown leg and finishing with a green ball composed from little whispeing green little oval bells?
-Where am I? He looked again At the white entity. She was wearing a black velvet dress identical with the one Akuna had in the day she was sacrificed.
-I am Issabella and she smiled. You are in my garden. How did you got here, the fence is very tall and well guarded,no one ever entered here uninvited This is th garden of my castle. Are you hurt? Is your head ok?
Akir put his right hand on the head and then he saw...Akir looked at his hands for a second then ..They were white..white ..He felt like waking up . He stood up. Issabela was still lying down looking at him. He
helped her to stood up and tried very hard not to take more energy. That try was almost painful.
-I am pretty ok, I guess. Where am I ? And what is this? he pointed to the green carpet and what are those?he pointed to the brown legs.
-This is grass and those are trees. You had never seen grass? Issabela was also confused. You had never seen something like that????
-I guess something bad had happened to you ..
Akir did not say a word. Issabela asked Akir to go with her in her castle to rest . They start to walk toghether thought the trees. Issabela told him that she wanted to know more about him, that she feels very confortable near him , but perhaps is better to speak about in the castle. Akir was thinking if it would be a good thing to tell her everything about him or not. He decided to hide from Issabela the fact that she is just like Akuna . He also asked himself why he thinks that is better.
He was recording everything he was seeing and asking questions about animals and flowers. Issabela just answered. After a while they stop talking, just walked toghether. He was looking at her from time to time, he was looking at their white skin. What if it is Akuna, what if is just dream but such a sweet dream. He had dreams before. The mirrors were good for interpreting the dreams, but here there is not any mirror. He was just looking from time to time at ..Issabela.

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Comment by Moontan Valeeva on March 6, 2010 at 2:12am
Even with the flaws in language (I would make them too - I'm not english or US) the story is catching. I reilly want to know what mystery this is .. When reading I feel like Akir I feel his confusement :) For writing - not in your own language- you're doing a pretty good job Hecatya. WooT!!! we have our own weekly story to follow :)
Comment by Hecatya Idimmu on March 7, 2010 at 12:39pm
Khristina, Terrence, Moontan you very much all of you for beeing so sweet to me. I am glad if the second part was liked. Hope the others will be also:)
Moontan , I happy if I succeded to make you enter in the story atmosphere. I hope to do that in the next pieces:)
Many Huggs to all:)
Comment by Oona Sharple on March 7, 2010 at 1:46pm
Ohh,dis is great Hecatya :) now him safe,right? Is Isabella a queen? heeee Oona likies dis story :) Can't wait fer da next piece :D

Oona can correct wut,Terrance? Da first thing ya says? Oona thinks ya says ya thinks it an excellent story or sumthin heeee Oona not hears " linthar " before hehe
Oona will has to checks wif Ouija on dat one,him Drow too :)

Hecatya,Oona nai lle lisse' kaimelin ^^ heee
Comment by Hecatya Idimmu on March 8, 2010 at 11:32am
Oona, you are soo very sweet with me:) Many thanks:)
But again I must ask you to please tell me what the last words meen...:D : "nai lle lisse' kaimelin" .I looked for them on the internet (probably not in a good place) but not found any clue..:(:(
Comment by Oona Sharple on March 8, 2010 at 9:42pm
Heee,it means Oona wishes ya sweet dreams ^^ Dreams can makes stories like dis one :)
Oona was thinkin ya could dream da next part heeee Oona writes sum stories dat was dreams..
Hee Sumtimes Oona dreams crazy stuffs :p And dey makes good stories :D

One dream Oona had was so real; Da City of Walls. In da dream we all safe inside da city,outside lurks da danger..And it all a desert.We only been tolds it dangerous outside da walls,but we dunno if dat is true,coz we never went outside..But we is trapped in da city too..It no way out..Or is dere? heeee

Oona did writes da story,but only had a few in RL to reads it.

Oona is lookin forward to part 3,Hecatya :)
Comment by Oona Sharple on March 9, 2010 at 12:37am
Oh,and Terrence,Oona finds out wut " linthar " means heee Oona asks Ouija ^^ So wut ya tells Hecatya is dat she an excellent minstrel and it an excellent story :) heee

Heee,Oona knows da Ilythiiri,just not all da words... So if it a word Oona not hears,Oona checks wif Oona's Ilythiiri abbil :) heee

Oona's Ure Mori'Quessir mellon,Ouija ^^ heee

Translation fer Hecatya:
Drow words: Ilythiiri = Drow
abbil = friend
Sindarin (high elven) words: Ure= grand,or just big
Mori'Quessir= Drow
mellon= friend
Comment by Hecatya Idimmu on March 9, 2010 at 11:03am
Oona many thanks for the all the translations:) I am glad to know now how to say sweet dreams in Elvish. I hope in time to also learn it a little bit.
I was not inspired by dreams. I just have the images in my mind. Like I said I started this story fourteen years a go in a garden and I never finish it.
I think your story is very niice from what you said. Maybe sometimes you will shared. It would be very niice. I am soo very curious. :D
Comment by Oona Sharple on March 9, 2010 at 11:10am
Hehe :) Oona might shares it sumday wif sum peeps..heee Oona will thinks about it,Hecatya :)


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