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Greetings.  My name is Johnn Doeh and I am an Inworldz Virtual Founder.*  I would like to explain some of the main points of our TOS, due to the fact there has been such an uproar over the differences between our TOS and the updated TOS of another grid.  Here are the highlights of the Inworldz TOS:

* COPYRIGHTS. Inworldz doesn't own anything you make.  We don't even pretend to own anything you make.  All we really want rights to do is display your work on our grid, which is why you made the stuff in the first place.  We know that can be a disappointment to folks who are used to turning over all rights to everything that comes of their hard work... but that's simply not how Inworldz works.  If you wish that kind of arrangement you'll need to examine larger, more profit-centric grids.

* LAND PRICES.  Our lands are considerably less expensive than on MegaGrid.  We know that somewhat reduces bragging rights when you tell your friends you're only paying $75 a month rather than $195, $295 or $350 a month for computer-based "land", but customers will just have to live with that.  We're not budging on that policy... at least not in the "more expensive" direction.  In the less expensive direction we have bad news-- we're kind of regularly looking for ways to do that, so in the future you may be faced with less of the same.

* PRIMS AND MEGAPRIMS.  Since we allow about 45,000 prims per region, megaprims and no link limits, this unfortunately prevents many users from showing off items based on prim counts-- as admittedly these facts do make prim count somewhat irrelevant.  We know also that linking an entire 100m ship into one object and having it fly or sail smooth as silk doesn't provide the humorous and "dangerous" effects of flying a multi-part "tin can in a tornado" build... but we can't help that.   That's just how our grid works.  You'll have to learn to live with the improved efficiency.  For adrenaline junkies we apologize:  you'll have to get your stress-fix elsewhere.

* CUSTOMER SUPPORT.  We know that traditionally on other grids, achieving actual customer support was somewhat of a status symbol.   If you're one of the people from another grid who in the past have waited weeks or even months for customer support to check an inventory problem, only to be told it either can't be fixed or that no one has the time to do so-- you may find things to be somewhat different on Inworldz.  We try to answer support tickets as fast as we possibly can, which may in some instances prevent customers from being able to bewail and moan the lack of customer support-- eliminating timeless stories about the trials and tribulations of virtual life.  I wish I could say we're sorry for that, but we just kinda feel a problem solved is a problem solved and is probably worth the potential loss of a story regarding personal asset destruction and trial-by-fire tales over lengthy periods of time.  I do admit to Inworldz being a bit more efficient in that area and assure you that on occasion we'll be unable to solve a problem overnight, allowing at least some degree of moan-fodder to keep the campfire stories active.

* PROBLEM RESOLUTION.  If you have a problem with Inworldz you may wind up actually chatting with a Founder, which we understand may seem intimidating from time to time.  Please be assured we are attempting to get to the point we can hire more staff so customer interaction with Founders can be somewhat reduced, but until then we ask you to tolerate the fact that you may on occasion need to converse with the people who are actually responsible for things on the grid.  We know that is highly unusual but we're doing our best to grow to the point we'll be able to employ more staff to handle problems.  Of course we're constantly working to insure there are far fewer problems that require handling, so then again maybe we won't.

* TOLERANCE.  There is a good chance that if you say or do something really, really stupid, we'll actually cut you some slack and expect you to behave as an adult... then forget the matter and go back to treating you with respect as an actual customer.  We know that is not common, but that's just the situation we've forced ourselves into.   No backing out on that one now.

We hope our customers can live with these differences in the Inworldz TOS. 

Best wishes from Johnn Doeh, your Virtual Founder.


* Please note: this blog is total satire and should not be taken seriously by any reader.  If you find yourself confused by any of this, realize actually reading the TOS isn't all that important if you simply exercise common sense and enjoy yourself.  To be honest, the Inworldz TOS is pretty much just there for legal reasons and isn't something you'll have to scrutinize with a magnifying glass every time you log in.  I mean, you might go ahead and read it anyway-- but just for information, not self-preservation.

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Comment by Ferrator Montoya on July 22, 2014 at 7:10am

Really? This isn't for real? This is as disappointing as when I found out that "Escape From New York" wasn't a documentary.

Comment by Wayfinder Wishbringer on July 22, 2014 at 10:37am



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