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Quick reference for experienced users, Inworldz login URI:  http://inworldz.com:8002/

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Inworldz is a 3-D virtual world, a land where you can build and create your own
visions and worlds to your heart's content.  It is free to participate and
explore.  If you wish, you can rent virtual land and start building your
own creations, or build them for free on public sandboxes.  The themes are
as widely varied as your imagination.  People create the homes they could
never have in "real life", design fantasy and science fiction worlds, entertain
or dance at live music shows, engage in commerce (you can buy and sell on
Inworldz, for money that can be cashed-out for real currency).  The
possibilities are virtually endless.

Of course with a system this diverse it's not just a matter of loading a piece
of software and you're up and running.  There are things to know and
guidance/assistance that is needed.  Inworldz offers mentors, volunteers
devoted to helping you once you enter the world.  The purpose of this
article is to help you get there in the first place.   Just follow
these instructions step by step and you should have little trouble.


Visit http://inworldz.com/faq.php

* Register (create a new avatar identification). You may choose your
name.  Inworldz states: "You must use an account name that is not
offensive, demeaning or infringing."

* Read the Terms of Service:  http://inworldz.com/tos.php
* Download a compatible Viewer (the software that allows you to access
Inworldz. It's somewhat like a special browser).  There are several out
there, of varying performance and purpose.  (See SETTING UP YOUR VIEWER,

* Log in, using your avatar registration information.

* You will arrive at Inworldz Desert Island (IDI)... the home region of
Inworldz.  Here you will find mentors and freebie stores (places where you
can find lots of free items to help you get started), as well as landmarks to
other areas of interest.

Accessing Inworldz requires a Viewer, a piece of software you install on your
computer.   It is your portal into the virtual world.  There are
several viewers available, each with their individual strengths.  Which one
you choose depends largely on your operating system, computer power and personal

There are several steps involved (somewhat involved, but easy to do).  You
need to do the following:

1. Download a viewer
2. Set up GRID information
3. Set the viewer Preferences to match your computer
4. Log in

Here are the steps in detail:

1. DOWNLOAD THE VIEWER.  There are several viewers available.  Which
one you decide to use will depend on the power / make of your computer and what
operating system you use:  Windows, Mac or Linux.  Sometimes deciding
on a viewer is a matter of trying all of them and seeing which works best for
your particular need (be sure to un-install the prior viewer first).  

Following are some links to popular viewers:

Inworldz Official Viewer:  (All platforms)  http://Inworldz.com (Downloads link). The official viewer.  It has the advantages of being available for Macs and being developed specifically for the Inworldz platform.  The Inworldz Viewer loads textures far more quickly than other viewers. 

Cool-VL: (All platforms)  http://sldev.free.fr/

Drop down to the bottom of the screen and download the "current stable" version.  The version number may differ from time to time.  A powerful viewer with lots of bells and whistles but not as fast as the Inworldz viewer. 

Mac version:  http://sldev.free.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=14
(check several pages into the forum for the latest release)

Hippo:  (Windows, Linux)

Hippo is comparatively low-powered (not as many features) but is good for lower-power computers and non-gamer laptops.  Very stable, but lacking some features.  Used mainly by low-power laptops on low settings.

These are all well-known and well-supported viewers.  Any one is a good choice, depending on your computer and OS.

* Execute the viewer on your desktop.
* Click the Grids button
* Plug this code into the Login URI: http://inworldz.com:8002/
* Click APPLY and OK

3. EDITING YOUR PREFERENCES.  It is very important to edit your preferences before entering Inworldz.  Your graphics card is a very important aspect of virtual world experience, as the world will tax your graphics to the maximum.

If you are well-acquainted with your graphics card and know you have a powerful
card (at this time, such as a GeForce 9800, 250 or above or an ATI 4650 or above) with at least 1 gig RAM, you can set the graphics on HIGH.   If you don't have a powerful graphics card, or if you're unsure, you need to customize your graphics settings.  (Note:  at this time, INTEL graphics is not powerful enough, but will work on low graphics settings.)


If your computer is low on the power scale (such as a basic laptop), use these settings:

Edit / Preferences / Graphics
Click the CUSTOMIZE box
Set your graphics slider all the way to the left, to LOW
On the left side of the graphics area, make sure all SHADERS are turned off.
Set your DRAW DISTANCE to 64.
Set your PARTICLE COUNT to 2000.
Switch to the NETWORK tab, Maximum Bandwidth.  For DSL change the setting to 500 to 1500; cable access: 1000 to 1500.
Click OK to save your settings.

IMPORTANT:  It is essential to not set your Maximum Bandwidth too high.  Doing so can congest your data flow, resulting in severe "lag".  Don't go by the speed of your cable or DSL system; we recommend you use the settings listed above for best performance.

FOR HIGH QUALITY GRAPHICS CARDS:  If you already know you have a killer graphics card (handles shaders, 1 gig RAM minimum, and well, killer), you can go ahead and change to the following settings:


Set Slider to High. (We don't recommend "Ultra" unless your graphics card and
computer just rock.)
Shaders may be turned on.
Draw Distance: 128 or 256
Particle Count:  8000

Only set these settings though, if you are aware your graphics card is hot stuff.  Otherwise you can create lag, see odd formations on your screen, or even crash.  If you experience such things, drop graphics back down.

Now you are ready to start on your exploration of virtual worlds.  Once
you are in world, you can ask a mentor to assist you with setting your graphics
and viewer parameters to match your computer power.  If you find you really
enjoy Inworldz, it may be worth it to you to purchase and install a more
powerful graphics card. Such cards are available for well under $100.  The
more powerful your graphics card, the more you will be able to see, and in
greater / more realistic detail. : )

Here are a few basics for getting around on Inworldz:
* To move, use your arrow keys or ASWD (when not in chat).  
* To fly / land, use PgUp or E to fly, PgDn or C.
* To chat, press the ENTER key, then type your chat into the chat window,
followed by Enter.  Exit chat by pressing the esc key once or twice.
* To see chat history, press ctrl-H.
* To zoom in on signs, put your cursor on the sign and hold down alt- leftclick- mousemove (cmd-leftclick-mousemove on Mac).  
* To learn about people, right click on their avatar and choose Profile.
* To send an instant message (private) to someone, right click on their avatar
and choose Send IM.
* Give things time to load.  When you first enter an area, a LOT of
information is being sent to your computer.  The first time you enter an
area it could take a few minutes for everything to load properly; we're talking
millions of bytes of data for one region.  So if things "lag" or you find
yourself momentarily standing still, just give it time.  You'll be able to
move around shortly.
* There is currently a bug in all virtual worlds, in the form of a slow
graphics leak.  Over time your Viewer will use more and more RAM, until it
crashes.  To overcome this, every 15 minutes or so minimize your screen for
5 seconds, then maximize it again. That will flush your video RAM and allow your
system to start anew, preventing crashes.  Sometimes even this doesn't work.  In that case, set your graphics settings lower (usually by decreasing draw distance). 
* Teleporting.  Use the MAP button to move from one region to another
(teleport).  Give the system time to load the new region before moving to
another.  Rapid teleporting from one place to another can result in a
* If you crash, simply reload your viewer and log back in.  No big deal. : )
* Have fun!  Inworldz can have a high-learning curve, but fortunately one
that you learn through experience.  It is a wonderful adventure, one that
many, many people enjoy.  Visit the different regions; they are all worlds
of their own.

One thing you'll be doing on a regular basis is opening boxes.  You will
find freebies or items for sale throughout Inworldz.  They almost always
come in "boxes".   

First, make sure you can open the box on the land you're on.  Look at the
top of your Viewer.  If you don't see a picture of a box with a red line
through it (no building), you can open the box on this land.  If there is a
"no build" icon at the top of your screen, go to a different land area where
that icon disappears.  Then you can open the box.

Many boxes can be opened simply by touching  them (left click).  This will trigger an "Open" dialog box.  Wait for the contents to load, then click "Copy to inventory".  Doing so will create a new folder in your inventory and transfer the box contents to your inventory.   Other boxes, you can right click on the box and choose OPEN, and it will do the same thing.  

After you're done opening a box, be sure to right click and take or delete the
box, so it doesn't clutter land areas or markets.  People will appreciate
you "cleaning up after yourself", and thanks.   

Groups are social structures where people share similar interests. There are
many, many groups, specializing in a wide variety of interests.  Most
people belong to numerous groups. Inworldz members may join up to 50 groups.
  People tend to choose group memberships based on their specific

Elf Clan is one of the oldest and best-known groups on the virtual worlds.   We are friendly and welcome new visitors.  You don't have to be an elf or take any "roles" (although you are welcome to do so).  You're encouraged to explore our lands, meet new friends, and access our freebie wall.  All lands are available 24/7/365.  You don't have to worry about trespassing.  Be sure to visit ElvenSong, ElvenGlen and Replicant
City (high-sky ElvenSong).

ElvenSong is our home region; you can access a tour guide and map to all Elf Clan lands from there.  Pick up a Tour Guide at the main entrance to the Castle.  It's an excellent tutorial about our lands and group.

Please click the Elf Clan Charter sign on the wall and read the Visitor Guidelines.  That will help you quickly become acquainted with the concepts of our group.  We offer fantasy, sci-fi and steampunk genres.

We hope you enjoy your experience and decide to stay.  Come visit us at
Elf Clan.  We'll be glad to show you around and help you get started; we
are a "newbie-friendly" group.  We also encourage you to explore the rest
of Inworldz and see what its residents and creators have accomplished.
Diversity is the spice of this virtual world.


Thanks to Cinnamon Raymaker for helping us restore this blog from archives

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