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2nd Annual Fantasy Art Fest hosted by Elf Clan

The 2nd annual fantasy art fest will be held from feb 1 till feb 22. Theme this year is "Wishing".

And yes,  Elf Clan is hosting this great event in collaboration with Inworldz Dreamz & Visionz Art Fest, so I need YOU all !! There's so much you can do to help cause I know we have a bunch of creative and skilled people among you.

Wonderfull performers and artists and builders but also members who are very skilled in socializing (hosts and greeters). I'd like us to join forces and show Inworldz again how inviting and friendly Elf Clan is. So just contact me or Cinnamon and tell us if and how you'd like to participate in this event.

If you'd like to apply there is still time to do so till January 10th midnight. If you are new to this you might consider to enter as a novice.

I have alraedy sent out posters with all info about the event but if you missed it you can pick one up in Elvensong castle or just ask me and I'll send it to you.

Elf, tiny, dwagon or dragon, merfolk, pixie, ork no matter what creature.. even human ;), let's  make this a great Fest for all.  

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Comment by Wayfinder Wishbringer on December 29, 2012 at 8:00am

It would be wonderful to see as many Elf Clan members participate in this as possible.  Moontan brings out a lot of wonderful ideas.   If you'd like to help, summarizing what you can do:

* Builders/creators:   Since primarily this is an art exhibit, please apply your wonderful skills to creating something along the "Wishing" theme.  I know from experience there is no end to your creativity.  : )

* Performers:  Contact Moontan to volunteer a performance during the exhibit.

* Greeters:  Many of you have served as official Greeters.  Others of you have that friendly, hospitable spirit that welcomes new ones and makes them feel at home.   You can contact Moontan and officially volunteer, but in truth any of our members can simply go to the exhibit at any time, wear your ELF CLAN tag, and serve in this valuable position.   DRAGONS, you especially are welcome in this area, as that has always been your forte' from years past.

Artists / builders / creators be sure to get your applications to Moontan as early as possible (ask her if you don't have one).   Let's make this second annual Fantasy Fest exceed even the last one (and it was wonderful!).


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