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Hypergrid Business recently produced a pretty good article about the state of VR grids in January 2013.   Link is here:…


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OAR FILES-- The Other Side of the Coin

OAR files are great; they're a lot of fun.  However when it comes to running a grid efficiently, there is a flip side to OAR files that should be considered as well.  Having recently discussed this with others, I present that flip side here.


The purpose of an OAR file is to back up an entire sim, everything on the sim, into one file.  It's a great concept.  But as with many things, there are downsides.   One is…


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This was originally posted as a comment on another blog, but I thought it warranted focus here.  On rare occasion Second Life did something *right*.  Ahern Welcome Area was one of those areas.

I was very fortunate (or not so, depending on how one considers the following 7 years):  When I first joined SL in 2004 I logged into the original Ahern... which was a fun place. There were always people around, it was a moderated party zone and people were friendly.  Off to one…


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Using Inworldz and OpenSim to Your Advantage

I recently wrote a blog discussing Sim-on-a-Stick (SoaS)... an easy-to-install version of the free, open-source OpenSim software.  In that blog we discuss SoaS itself-- it's pros and cons, why some people use it and some don't.  That blog can be found here.  Note that the comments are just as important as the blog itself:…


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Why Second Life is Hurting

Our friendly dragon Zauber pointed me to a blog today that discusses Second Life, why it's failing, and why tier actually doesn't even come into the picture.  It's a fascinating presentation, stating basically that most new users check out Second Life and leave within ten minutes, totally frustrated.  When that is the case, tier doesn't even factor in to their decision.

The blog is accompanied by a short-but-accurate video of a typical new user experience.  It's a…


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The Sim-on-a-Stick Revelation

For the first time last night, just on a lark, I downloaded and installed Sim-on-a-Stick (SoaS.  See PS for download info).   I discovered some things that were rather interesting revelations to me.

First, despite its name, don't run SoaS on a USB stick.  It will run slower than molasses.  Although it can be put on a memory stick for portability, it can simply be loaded into a folder on your hard drive and run completely from that folder, without installation…


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A considerably lengthy evaluation of the state of virtual worlds at this time.

Please be sure to examine the SL Metrics Analysis in the comments section following the blog.  This appears approximately page 3 of the comments.…


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Before writing this review I checked with Tolkien fan Koni Lanzius to get her impressions of Peter Jackson's latest movie, THE HOBBIT.  Verifying she had the same impressions as I, I researched some reviews on the net.  Though they were very mixed, I feel it safe to write this knowing it's not just my personal bias.

THE HOBBIT is of course the first epic book of J.R.R. Tolkien, the predecessor of LORD OF THE RINGS and the introduction of the one ring... the evil tool…


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Well, here we are the final day of 2012, and instead of waiting until 2013 I thought I'd go ahead and look back over the latest ELF CLAN year and as is my habit-- post my thoughts.



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Where is Elf Clan Heading?

As we approach the end of 2012 many Elf Clan members wonder what our group is doing and where we're heading.   The answer is simple:  we're heading toward your imagination.


Currently Inworldz is in a "holding pattern" stage.  They're finishing up the last of the PhysX testing with live test sims on the main grid.  Once those test sims prove out and they work out the last of the bugs, they'll be installing PhysX grid-wide.  We're currently…


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Time for a Reality Check


Yesterday a gunman burst into a gradeschool, killing more than 20 people- mostly children-- then killing himself. 

The nation was understandably shocked at this happening. The word "tragedy" somehow doesn't even seem to fit.  How could someone commit this atrocity?  Yet this is not the first time such a thing has happened.  Surely no one has forgotten Columbine... or the movie theater of just this year. 

Like everyone I am…


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We've published a couple of articles designed to help members pick their computer and graphics cards for use on Inworldz.  You can find the main of these articles here:


Over the months however, Inworldz has grown, development work has been done, it's improved.  We now have the Phlox scripting…


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Date & time:  Sunday Dec 9, 2pm PST

Where:  Bryster's Forestal Tavern on ElvenMyst region in INWORLDZ grid.

Greetings Elf Clan members!

Saturday Nov 17, will be the eighth year anniversary of Elf Clan.   Yes, eight years ago Elf Clan was created.  Now here we are on a different grid with over forty regions owned by different members, with expanded…


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Using the New Inworldz Viewer

There is a new version of the Inworldz Official Viewer out (currently 1.4.8 (2) Sep 10 2012).  It has some very nice updates.  Just a quick article on it.

Download here: http://inworldz.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=13352&hilit=viewer


TEXTURES in the texture window and loaded from your inventory now load in 2-3…


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Notice of Ban Enforcement

An important note to all Elf Clan Region Owners:

I have been informed by several Elf Clan region owners that a member of Inworldz has claimed her permanent banning from Elf Clan is "voluntary" and that region owners are not required by our group to honor that decision.   Let us set the record straight on this.  (We will not validate that person by naming her here.  Most of our region owners know who I'm discussing.  If you don't, feel free to contact…


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New Layout

I was perusing this website today and realized the main page seemed sort of... jumbled.  So I made a few significant changes to the main page:

1. Removed the visible URLs from the main listing and replaced them with article titles.  This makes the center column much easier to read and more informative.

2. The "Recent Activity" column at the left has been abbreviated and changed to indicate comments on blogs as well as blog posting. 

3. Blog…


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The Need For Virtual Law

On the Inworldz forums someone mentioned the application of trademark and copyright in a VR environment.  The question was basically, "What if someone duplicates my business name in Inworldz?"  The answer provided was basically, "Copyrights don't protect names.  You would need a Trademark." 

Realizing how costly Trademarks are and the difficulty and expense in prosecuting such in real life, it brought to my mind something I have felt has been long lacking in virtual worlds: …


Added by Wayfinder Wishbringer on August 19, 2012 at 11:30pm — 2 Comments

Kakia Designs: LL Blunders Again

It's been quite some time since I've written about Linden Lab and Second Life because well, since we left there I haven't much looked back.  However the experience of a merchant there, Kakia Designs, echoed so much our group experience and the failure of proper response from LL that I felt it warranted note.

The blog post from this merchant is listed here.  Members who were with us before we moved to Inworldz will likely recognize the policies and attitudes.  Kakia's…


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The State of Inworldz

An Inworldz forum post on the current state of Inworldz:


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The Freedom Paradox

-- a commentary by Wayfinder Wishbringer

Some time ago I wrote a saying about freedom.  It goes something like this:

True freedom must contain boundaries, for freedom without constraints invariably infringes upon the freedom of others.


Zauber put a term to this concept:  the Freedom Paradox.  I think that is an excellent term.


Simply stated the Freedom Paradox is this:  as human beings we do…


Added by Wayfinder Wishbringer on July 25, 2012 at 9:00pm — 18 Comments

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