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Notice of Ban Enforcement

An important note to all Elf Clan Region Owners:

I have been informed by several Elf Clan region owners that a member of Inworldz has claimed her permanent banning from Elf Clan is "voluntary" and that region owners are not required by our group to honor that decision.   Let us set the record straight on this.  (We will not validate that person by naming her here.  Most of our region owners know who I'm discussing.  If you don't, feel free to contact…


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New Layout

I was perusing this website today and realized the main page seemed sort of... jumbled.  So I made a few significant changes to the main page:

1. Removed the visible URLs from the main listing and replaced them with article titles.  This makes the center column much easier to read and more informative.

2. The "Recent Activity" column at the left has been abbreviated and changed to indicate comments on blogs as well as blog posting. 

3. Blog…


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The Need For Virtual Law

On the Inworldz forums someone mentioned the application of trademark and copyright in a VR environment.  The question was basically, "What if someone duplicates my business name in Inworldz?"  The answer provided was basically, "Copyrights don't protect names.  You would need a Trademark." 

Realizing how costly Trademarks are and the difficulty and expense in prosecuting such in real life, it brought to my mind something I have felt has been long lacking in virtual worlds: …


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Kakia Designs: LL Blunders Again

It's been quite some time since I've written about Linden Lab and Second Life because well, since we left there I haven't much looked back.  However the experience of a merchant there, Kakia Designs, echoed so much our group experience and the failure of proper response from LL that I felt it warranted note.

The blog post from this merchant is listed here.  Members who were with us before we moved to Inworldz will likely recognize the policies and attitudes.  Kakia's…


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The State of Inworldz

An Inworldz forum post on the current state of Inworldz:


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