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The Lore of Elf Clan

We're sometimes asked, "What is the story behind Elf Clan?"... the lore of the group (not how we came to be, but our "role play" story).

It's not a complex one. After the War of the Rings, once the One Ring had been destroyed at Mount Doom... the world returned to normal... at least as much as it could.

Most of the Middle Earth people returned home. As you know, Samwise returned to the Shire and raised a fine family. Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Ninefingers went off to Valinor… Continue

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An Open Message to OpenSim

I almost hate to write this blog, because it's an unfortunate situation. But like the guy who cried out "The Emperor Has No Clothes!"... someone has to say it. I hate writing it because a lot of people have put their trust and hope in OpenSim... and I hate to say it because it will probably have Linden Lab laughing in their boots.

But that's ok. They can't really afford to laugh at all, because they're in the same boat. If OpenSim doesn't work out-- something else will. No one at… Continue

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Inconsistent Measuring and Report Tools

I recently provided screen-capture proof of Second Life having serious permissions problems. In this blog, the same is applied toward script times.

In earlier blogs, both I and Zauber provided proof that script time measurements are being wrongly reported by Linden Lab software-- both of us producing the same results from separate and independent tests, performed on different sims at significantly different time periods.

This follows up those findings. Please examine the… Continue

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Proof of Second Life Malfunctioning Permissions

I have long tried to get Linden Lab to recognize that their permissions system is severely messed up-- and endangers Second Life itself. This is evidenced in several ways:

1) Items changing permissions when rezzed to ground-- Mod/Copy/Notrans items turning nocopy once rezzed

2) Permissions shown in inventory different from actual permissions

3) Inability to rename modifiable items in inventory listing, just because they contain no-mod components such as… Continue

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The wisdom has been known for thousands of years:

"It is better to give than to receive."

The secret to life, the secret to self-esteem and happiness and "boredom"... is to Help Other People.

What is it that distinguishes our Greeters? Why do people flock to the Greeters and IM them out of nowhere (even when a Greeter is "off duty") and seek the Greeters first when they have a problem or question? What is it that causes our members to trust some of the Greeters so… Continue

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We've been examining several grids and concepts employing the OpenSim coding system.

OpenSim is a set of virtual worlds based on the Second Life concept, but separate from and not controlled by Linden Lab.

Elf Clan has four sims on the OS-based system, REACTION GRID (see Main page for further information).

OpenSim admittedly still has a long way to go before it can claim to compete with Second Life. After over 2 years of coding, the system isn't anywhere near… Continue

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The Need to Think Things Through

One of our builders just discovered an "interesting" scripting issue that had him scratching his head for hours until he figured it out. It's a little technical, but most should be able to understand it. To help: a ROOT PRIM is the last-linked prim in an object (the one that usually contains the major scripts). A CHILD prim is any prim linked to that root prim (all the other prims). So for example, in most cars, the SEAT is the root prim, and all the rest of the car is child prims. Here is the… Continue

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