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Why Family Friendly?

From time to time we have a member or visitor to our lands ask us why we are G-rated and "family friendly" on a grid that requires users to be 18 years of age or older.

The answer begins with a definition. What does family-friendly mean?


At its most basic level of course, family-friendly means suitable for children.  But it goes beyond that.  Look around at Elf Clan lands.  Notice the beauty, diversity and harmony of these…


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If Star Wars Was a Role Playing Game

GM: "That's not a moon.  It's a spaceship!"

Player: "Good.  Let's find a door, pick the lock and see if we can hijack it."


GM: "There is a bantha standing in the road."

Player: "I attack."

GM: "A bantha is a harmless beast of burden."

Player: "Great!  There's probably treasure in its pack.  I attack."


GM: "The force is strong in this one."

Player: "Really?  Okay then... I…


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Resuming our "quote of the month" here, and hoping I can find our prior ones from the old Grouply site.  I'll try to add at least one quote every month here, gleaned from all the fun stuff that happens on Inworldz (or the hilariously negative stuff that happens on "that other grid").  ; )

So to start it off, here's our quote, heard on June 11, 2012:

"Holy cwap!  I fergot Spud!"

-- Bellini Cazalet (dwagon), who went lake diving and then remembered the…


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Schlitzie, Zauber and Mean Golem

Once upon a time Schlitzie, Zauber and Mean Golem were out touring the countryside.  Suddenly there came a downpour and the only available shelter was a farmhouse.

They knocked on the door and despite the fact the farmer met an Ork, a Dragon and a Viking at his door, he welcomed them in hospitably.

"I have but a small home," he told them.  "I can sleep two of you barely, but one will have to sleep out in the barn.  There is a cow and a pig out there, if ye can…


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