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I recently wrote a blog titled "A New Direction" in which I detailed (quite lengthily, even I will admit) new policies in the operation of Elf Clan. While the design of that blog was to be open, honest and informative, quite simply, a lot of people don't have the time or desire to read a lengthy blog.

Original blog: http://elfclan.ning.com/profiles/blogs/a-new-direction

So here is a summary of the main points of that blog (yes, even this… Continue

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The Two Sides of Philip Linden--a Missive to Linden Lab

I'd like to say one thing up-front: Welcome back Philip.

That doesn't mean I'm a fan of Linden Lab. They haven't done much lately to make anyone a fan of that company. Re-gaining trust (what little there ever was) is going to have to be earned the hard way... through work and treating people right-- for a change.

Nevertheless, in a recent speech, Philip said some things that -- if he means it and it's not just political spouting --… Continue

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Okay, you saw this blog coming. MARK KINGDON is out as CEO of Linden Lab. Founder PHILIP ROSEDALE is back. Here's the tell-tale-ingly short announcement:


Just about any regular reader here could predict my reaction to this announcement. What I really want to say is this:

First smart thing… Continue

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A summary of this admittedly lengthy blog can be found here:


The full blog is still worth reading and is detail-informative. : )

Vendui' Elvenae.

I'm writing today to announce a change in Elf Clan operational policies. The change is in one area, and while a significant change… Continue

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Greetings members. Are you as tired as I am of GROUP CHAT failing... and continuing to fail for years now?

Are you tired of not receiving group notices? How hard can it be to send a notice to a list of people?

Are you tired of shoddy LL coding and these problems continuing for years without being fixed?

Then vote with your vote.

Please visit this JIRA page, log in and vote. Show that page to your… Continue

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25 Top Reasons People Do SL

In a recent poll from a significant population sample, people were asked why they play Second Life on a regular basis. Following are the 25 top answers. Well, at least these should have been the 25 top answers...

1. I have no life

2. My friends have no life

3. My Internet only gets one channel

4. I love dancing. And dancing. And dancing.

5. My best friends are drama queens

6. The lag gives me lots of time to…


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"Interesting Times"

There is an ancient Chinese curse:

"May you live in interesting times."

Lately we are seeing "interesting times" at Linden Lab. Thought we'd take a look at a few of them.


During a time when years-old showstopper bugs are still around... when lag is bad enough to stop an elephant... when the asset servers are sputtering and textures are still-- after… Continue

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Our Elf Clan Lands at Inworldz are growing and flourishing. At this time we have limited rental plots left.

NEW FREEBIE AREA. A new freebie wall has been placed inside ElvenSong Castle. Please donate your items by placing them on that wall. Please be sure to read the Freebie Guidelines available on that wall. If you don't have a freebie box ready… Continue

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A brief reminder to all members: back up your blogs!

We will be closing down this blogsite July 1 (or thereabouts) due to Ning switching from being an ad-funded site to frankly outrageous prices ($240 a year). At that time we will be switching to another board.

The blogs here are of historical interest. So please, back up your blogs and make sure that history is preserved. There are far too many for me to back up by myself (I have about 170 of my own). When we get to the new… Continue

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Second Life Voice Morphing

Linden Lab has announced they will now be offering "Voice Morphing" as a part of Second Life.…


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Griefers Attack Inworldz-- and Prove Themselves Cowards

A short blog here, to make a specific point.

This week Inworldz was attacked by griefers. They hit the board hard, requiring temporary shutdown and data scrubbing. Fortunately, Inworldz was up to the task and was back online in record time.

What's interesting, is that these griefers weren't even "leet". They took down the grid using the simplest tools in the book... rapid prim rezzing. That's an old and tired stunt used only by the most lame of noob griefers.… Continue

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Linden Lab Cuts Employees

Today Linden Lab announced they are dropping 30% of their staff. Mark Kingdon, CEO of Linden Lab, states this is to allow them to consolidate, re-structure and improve profitability so they can invest more back into the grid.

Frankly, I don't totally buy that. I agree with the consolidation and re-structuring bit... but from what we've seen historically, it's more likely the saved funds will wind up in private pockets rather than company R&D.

Consider: they are already… Continue

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In distant Elf Clan past, one of our members, Inuchan Huskerdu, created the concept of "Guard Dragon". He would sit around the first ElvenMyst Castle for hours, just waiting for new people to come by. He would greet them, welcome them to Elf Clan, make them feel at home. It worked so well that we built him his own Dragon Ledge... a ledge that was incorporated into the new Elf Clan Castle from day one. But Inuchan started… Continue

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