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If you have not yet seen the latest Star Trek movie, please switch instead to this link:


This is a SPOILER DISCUSSION.  That means it's for people who have already seen the movie.  So if you haven't seen the latest Star Trek movie yet... you may want to do so before reading any…


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Finding Sensible Solutions

Years ago... and a few times sense then... I have made a suggestion to Linden Lab regarding permissions on textures and sculpt maps.   They never implemented that suggestion-- which caused significant problems not only for them but their customers as well... and even more trouble later on. 


When a texture merchant sells a texture or sculpty it has to be full-perm to be used in a build.  This means the item isn't protected and regardless of…


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SCI FI Expo at Delphi

There is a new Sci Fi exhibit at the Community Library at Delphi that is well worth visiting.  Blog link and sign here.  When you have a spare hour-- you'll need at least that much to fully explore.

Sci Fi Exhibit at Delphi Community Library…


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