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Having Fun With BUG MARTINI

BUG MARTINI is a fun and irreverent comic strip that often tickles my funny bone. I just got an itch to try something funny with it... like change all the text. :D

Bug Martini--Kinda


* The main character from Schlock Mercenary is an glob-like alien that…


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Are Dwagons "Cookie Thieves"?

   The claim is often made that Dwagons are "cookie thieves".   Is this true?

    It depends on your point of view:  are you the cookie owner or the dwagon?   In a dwagon's eyes, in order for it to be a cookie thief the cookie would have to be "not theirs"... which to a dwagon means the cookie is either in someone's hand or mouth, one of the two.  If it's in a hand it needs to be no where near a dwagon's mouth or it might be mistaken as an offering.   And dwagons have been known to…


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Unique Music Instruments Around the World

This is a copy of a post I wrote on the Inworldz forums but I decided to duplicate here for Elf Clan postertity and 'cos music is awesomesauce.  : )

Folks may know that I make cigar box guitars.  The very name classifies it as a "guitar"... however it's played differently, tends to have only 3 strings, and most I've seen are made by hand (power tools is okay too).  To me, that makes almost the entire genre "unique".  All one has to do is…


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Taking an Extended Semi-Vacation

Halloo from you friend, Snoots.

I wanted to let everyone know I'm taking an extended semi-vacation from VR (not totally, just semi).  Posting this because our group is very caring and when someone disappears for any length of time, people start wondering if is okay.   So letting you know I'm okay... just shifting priorities. :-)



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How to Fly an Airplane-- Dwagon Style


* First go to airport sim and swipe a plane. 'Cos dey just sittin' dere!

* Sit in plane and look around wondering wot to do next.

* Press forward arrow key. Press it again. And again. Finally figure out that not does nuthin.

* Touch…

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The Dragon and the Pet Shop

Is true story.

A dragon walks into a local petshop.

"Greetings!" he says to the owner. "Do you have any rabbits?"

"Oh no," the shop owner says. "I know you dragons. You just plan on eating that rabbit. I would not dream of putting the poor creatures through such a final experience!"

The dragon stops and thinks. "I'd really like a pet. How about a guinea pig?"

"You're not fooling me," the shop owner replies. "You're a dragon. You'll…


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Obsession, Thy Name is Amazon

Did you know you can buy just about anything on Amazon.com?


It doesn't matter if you actually need it or not, the lure is always present. You may not have ever thought of that particular item. You may have never seen one before. But suddenly there it is on your screen and before you know it-- you've hit that BUY button.


For example, long long ago I read a graphic novel (long comic book). It was a particularly good one but I hadn't thought of it in years...…


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Snoots Final Performance... Re-Focusing

Thursday May 16, 6pm I will be doing a live music performance for the Gypsy camp at Cormear.  It is fitting that this will be my final virtual live music performance.  

I've been thinking about this for some time and have chosen this event for a couple of reasons:

* Cormear is an Elf Clan region. 

* The Gypsies are a new group that have endeared themselves to many groups and regions over the past months.  Although they are new they equal Elf Clan in enthusiasm…


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DOCTOR STEEL-- Steampunk Genius

DOCTOR STEEL-- Steampunk Genius

Have you ever heard of Doctor Steel?  I didn't either until yesterday.  Now I'm hooked.


Doctor Steel is a fictitious creation in the Steampunk genre-- a mad scientist who intends to take over the world by means of making people happy through music and buying toys (from his website of course).   He has several Youtube videos both in music videos and simple monologues.  In…


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What is best way to do research?  Dis true story:

Three birds were assigned to do research papers:   a tern, a stork and an ostrich.

The ostrich immediately stuck its head in the sand and thought whatever things it wanted to think, ignoring the world around it.

The stork walked out into the water and ate fish.   Anything that wasn't a fish it wasn't interested in.  As far as the stork was concerned, if you weren't a fish-eater you weren't…


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HOW TO MAKE A DOOR-- the Dwagon Way

in virtual reality worlds

How you makes a door?  It not as easy as some people may thinks.  Followings is step-by-step guide of how to make virtual reality door.   Please not lets it scare you.   May wanna have stock of cookies on hand... or Valium.


You will need several things:

1. Virtual doorknob

2. Virtual door

3. Building to link it to

4. Ethyl alcohol (vodka or…


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Da Great Kraken Hunt

Once in a while I visits Raglan Shire on SL because dey haz fun events (Raglan Shire is of course the center for Tiny activity in VR).  Today dey had da GREAT KRAKEN HUNT.  There were Krakens (big squid things) flying at 150m in air and attacks you if you up dere wif 'ems.  If dey get you, you dies.  Fortunately you can uses all kinda weapons against dems. 

This weekend's hunt covered two days, each day 3 parts:

    1. Pirate pistols.  Single shot at a time.  Wear you…


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Setting Things Straight

I am going to be a little un-dwagon here for a moment, by necessity.  Time to don my Guardian role... a cloak I try to wear as seldom as possible.

A member of Elf Clan wished to bring a specific theme into Elf Clan and when such was declined, left Elf Clan and began making public claims of "discrimination".  Such claims are false.  This blog sets the record straight.

Torchwood is an adult, intentionally-controversial show.  Such concepts are against our…


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Is true story.

The day was bright and crisp, with just enough chill to make the fans wear cloaks and the players comfy.  There was a sense of expectation and wonder in the air as the time drew closer for the beginning of the event everyone had been waiting for:  the first ever Orks vs Dwagons & Pixies Footsball game.

If one were to look into the bleachers you would have seen a diverse and enthusiastic crowd. …


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I was working on Inworldz today on my Firefly starship.

Because they don't have arbitrary, no-reason, silly constraints... I managed to link the entire 768 prim, 80 meter long ship into one object.

This means I don't have to use a Multi-Move flight script (and the resultant lag) to move the ship.

It means the ship doesn't move like a can in a tornado with pieces catching up with one another... but as one linked piece, smoothly (or relatively so).

It means I… Continue

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Saturday June 16 at 1pm, the smallest an baddest of the two groups Elf Clan and Raglan Shire got together to battles it out on the field of Tiny Soccer. And boy wot a game it was!


Elf Clan pulled the first surprise move by all taking on the form of tinies. Raglan clearly thought they were going to be taking on biggies...…


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I, you trusty Dwagon, has intercepteds a secret message from Raglan Shire. After decodings, here what it say:

Tiny Terror Players - Our spy at camp Elf Clan says they been practicing like NUTS over there, so I've send out notecard with some training dates and times. First one is tommorow at noon. If your unable to make it, feel free to set up practise on your own!

So be sure to attends our SOCCER PRACTICE Thursday at either NOON or… Continue

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I read a post from Bryster leading to a place where they offer web-based freebies that work on just about any virtual world. After examining the site... I figured out how they do it. So I'm passing this info on to you! Hoooo!

IMPORTANT: Don't do this with any item to which you prefer to retain "ownership" rights. The way the worlds are set up, when a build is imported it does not retain original creator name; it is created under the name of… Continue

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Last night I logged into SL wif Koni and we hosted an "impromptu event". Impromptu means all of a sudden, wifout prior notice. Boy was it fun.

So I thought I'd tell people how we did it... so they maybe could do the same.

It very easy. All you has to send out group notice. Sometimes you have to have stuff to give to people. Dat no problem.. cos you already has it or you wouldn't be doing event! :D

SEND OUT NOTICE: I sent out a notice that said, "IMPROMPTU ELF CLAN… Continue

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You heard of Steampunk, yups? What is Steampunk?

Lotta lotta people have tried to define Steampunk and failed, either by being too simple... or too complex.

Here my definition of Steampunk, by three basic rules:

1. Edwardian / Victorian times never ended.

2. Steam is major source of power. Never discovered gasoline or fossil fuels.

3. Alternate reality (what would have happened IF; it's not our reality).

I've looked at all kinds of definition and… Continue

Added by Snoots Dwagon on June 6, 2010 at 9:30pm — 2 Comments

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