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Wonderful Sights and Sounds

Sometimes we get a little too busy in our lives and sometimes we forget about the wide world of InWorldz and what it has to offer. Stepping off the work roundabout for a few weeks allows me to get about a lot more both in RL and online. I was very fortunate to be able to attend the wonderful Gypsy Festival during September - something I hadn't previously had the chance to do. I was delighted by the builds I saw and with the warmth of the people at the event I attended, Thank you all so much…


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More events enjoyed in InWorldz!

Greetings all!

I am enjoying getting around the regions to see more of the wonderful creations in InWorldz. The event held at Fleure Homewood's "Fleure's Enchanted Corner" in Falathrim today was amazing and I have posted pictures here. I hope you enjoy seeing these as much as I enjoyed taking part in the fun and camaraderie that abounded during the event. Thank you Fleure, Snoots and…


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Monthly Sandbox Event

Several members got to discussing how much fun we all had at the Anniversary Build Exhibition and Party. We threw around some ideas and decided it would be lovely to have some kind of build theme event in the Tar Pits Sandbox - just like we used to have in SL at the ElvenMyst sandbox. There were several reasons for this:

1. We all got to meet and greet new people while placing builds or creating the stage areas.

2. If we had speed builds many of us wouldn't have enough time to…


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Elf Clan 2nd Anniversary Events

Greetings and thank you to all who made the anniversary week a great success! It was a busy weekend for most last weekend so we decided to extend the build exhibit and held a party just a few hours ago to award prizes to some of our wonderful builders for their efforts in InWorldz over the last two years. Congratulations to Janey and ilianor and Koni for your efforts and thanks to all who participated for taking the time to add your work to the exhibition!

Thanks to Koni for running…


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Mad Hatter Art Fest - InWorldz, April 10 2012.

I have really enjoyed looking around the latest art festival in InWorldz. The builds are more and more creative every time I visit one of these events. I thoroughly enjoyed the music event today as well! Our very own Snoots Dwagon played at the Mad Hatter Crazy Whacky event - looking resplendent in his steamy top hat and with classical guitar in tow. Several Elf Clan members attended the event and enjoyed a variety of acoustic tunes - folk songs, more contemporary offerings and an original…


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Have been thinking lately - don't read this if you are not into soul searching!

The last week and a half of my VW experience has been abysmal to say the least. Coupled with a return to work after a vacation it has been me getting nowhere fast. Best part was getting footage for a wonderful movie I am trying to develop for my Tolkien RP friends and uploading some creations to InWorldz.

In times like this I turn to inspiration such as music and quotes for sustenance - after all - when you are tired after a long day's work and your av is ruthed or you can't log in to… Continue

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A New World Yet Again

Zire and I just wanted to let everyone know that we have again ventured out to pioneer a new virtual world in Reaction Grid after the interesting experience in OLG. We have been steadily working away at our rental sim Eryngael which is one of the 4 Elf Clan sims in Reaction Grid. For us it is a work in progress as we are learning a lot about building - there is no commerce in RG so we have to build it all (hard work when you are kind of knowledgeable but not really understanding everything you… Continue

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Second Life - a response to several posts I have read and comments in-world

After reading a lot of info regarding experiences of people within SL I wanted to just make a short comment (believe me - I have huge lag issues where I live even though I recognise you may also have issues with SL)

However : ......

Hmmm - SL is a game????

What???? - SL is a program???

OMG (breathes deeply and tries not to hyperventilate).

This information has totally shattered my experience of this place as a world - big sighs and sobs. (LOL not… Continue

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Cinnamon's Literary and Musical Life Influences - a Journal of Magic and Possibilities (Part 1)

Cinnamon was born in the magical historical North East of England - a place where legends and myths abound - take for example the Lambton Wyrm (and wonder why dragons have always been a part of her life) and Durham Cathedral (home of the Prince Bishops and alive with the tales of the viking raiders).

As a child she loved fairytales and the possibilities of becoming a… Continue

Added by Cinnamon Raymaker on October 9, 2008 at 5:30am — 7 Comments

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