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Elf Clan Region Ownership

Elf Clan Charter

Please visit this link for an introduction to Elf Clan:…


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Open Statement of the Elf Clan Eldar

The following document has been unanimously approved by all Elf Clan Eldar and is published here in response to public drama, malicious accusations and falsehoods that have caused some of our members concern.  We trust this will make our position-- and reasons behind such-- completely clear.



Lately there…


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Linden Lab Backpedals a 10-Speed

Prior reference please read: Caution: SL Policy Change


Anyone who has ever owned and ridden a 10-speed bike knows that backpedaling the bike does nothing. Your legs move and appear to be back-pedaling, but the only thing that actually backpedals are the pedals. The bike itself keeps moving forward in the same direction. It doesn't stop, doesn't slow down, doesn't…


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Some of my thoughts

I suppose all that has happened on different forums bothered me more then I was admitting in my reply on the Chatterbox blog. That’s why I take my time and see if I can put in words some of my personal thoughts. Not sure at this very moment if I will post this at all. 


I’m one of the four eldar in Elf Clan for some years now. Some of you know me or are my friends, some of you may never…


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Hatred never begets tolerance.


Chatterbox (adj):  A person who talks continuously, often without forethought or consideration for listeners.  A person who doesn't stop talking. Alt: A gossip.

Chatterbox (syn): babbler, blabbermouth, blatherer, busybody, chatterer, gossip, natterer, prattler, windbag

Considering such definitions, synonyms and…


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A change to Second Life TOS has been published without notice to users.  We were made aware of this by a third-party source, it has been verified, and are thus notifying our members:

2.3 You grant Linden Lab certain licenses to your User Content.

[..]you agree to grant to Linden Lab, the non-exclusive, unrestricted, unconditional, unlimited, worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, and cost-free right and license to use, copy, record, distribute, reproduce,…


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Response to Spurious Forum Claims

The original forum post under discussion can be found here:
TranquillityDexler wrote:
Stjarna The TOS is not elastic. You've completely glossed over everything that I just…

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