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Greetings.  My name is Johnn Doeh and I am an Inworldz Virtual Founder.*  I would like to explain some of the main points of our TOS, due to the fact there has been such an uproar over the differences between our TOS and the updated TOS of another grid.  Here are the highlights of the Inworldz TOS:

* COPYRIGHTS. Inworldz doesn't own anything you make.  We don't even pretend to own anything you make.  All we really want rights to do is display your work on our…


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Gartner Hype Cycle and Virtual Reality

Member Koni Lanzius sent me information on a trendline called the "Gartner Hype Cycle".  Koni writes:

"The Gartner Hype cycle is an insider business predictor that describes where a particular type of innovation sits on the cycle of hype... due to it's perceived profitability (this one looks at the *educational* hype cycle) but notice how virtual worlds are on the upswing and heading into the "Slope of enlightenment", after spending time in the "Trough of…


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Working With Inworldz

Due to recent incidents on the Inworldz grid I felt it appropriate to post this blog and establish where I and indeed Elf Clan stands in dealing with the Inworldz company.  We support Inworldz.  We may not always agree on everything, but we abide by company policies.  Just as people follow the Elf Clan Charter because they respect our goals... Elf Clan supports Inworldz and its TOS for the same reason. 

As Inworldz customers we have a choice:  work with the grid or…


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Could "Social VR" Overthrow Creative VR?

In another blog entitled SL2-- Prediction Time I discussed the likelihood of social VR's impact on our existing virtual environment... namely creative-based systems (appealing to builders).  In that article I stated that Inworldz probably need not worry about SL2 as it will be a different social structure than the current VR concept.

In this article we'll discuss "What if that premise is…


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I've avoided making "predictions" for some time now.  First, while Second Life has seriously declined both in region count and Premium users, they didn't actually self-destruct as I predicted in 2012.  I was partially right but mostly wrong; somehow they managed to hang in there. That's okay.  Predictions are always "iffy" at best... and SL customers have tolerated a lot more absurdity than I figured they would. 

Predictions are always a shot-in-the-dark, even when based on…


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Is the Virtual Reality Market Saturated?

-- a commentary by Wayfinder Wishbringer, Founder of Elf Clan


Over the past few months a statement has been repeated in the Inworldz forums, namely that the virtual reality market is "saturated"... that Second Life has already pulled as many potential customers from the market as are likely to exist and that any new customers are going to have to come from a totally new-concept market.

Personally... I…


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