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A New World Yet Again

Zire and I just wanted to let everyone know that we have again ventured out to pioneer a new virtual world in Reaction Grid after the interesting experience in OLG. We have been steadily working away at our rental sim Eryngael which is one of the 4 Elf Clan sims in Reaction Grid. For us it is a work in progress as we are learning a lot about building - there is no commerce in RG so we have to build it all (hard work when you are kind of knowledgeable but not really understanding everything you… Continue

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For additional information and proof of permissions glitches, see this page: Proof of SL Malfunctioning Permissions

General Summary of the State of Things

With the recent rollover from server software 1.26 to 1.27... some glaring permissions glitches became apparent. As is our policy, Elf Clan immediately began researching to discover how widespread these glitches are. We discovered three JIRAs that… Continue

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Adopted Jokes

(Adopted from an old joke)...

An Ork walked into the local market and asked a meat merchant, "Oy! Got any roastin' 'obbits?"

The merchant looked at the Ork with disgust and said, "No sir, we don't sell hobbits." The Ork grumped and left the store.

Two days later, the Ork came in again. "Oy! Got any roastin' 'obbits?" The merchant, trying to exercise patience, replied, "Sir, we do not carry hobbits." The Ork once again stomped out grumpily.

Two days… Continue

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About Wayfinder and This Blog

This is the public blog site for Elf Clan, a fantasy Virtual Reality-based group. For those curious about the founder of the group and the purpose of my own blogs here...

About Wayfinder and this Blog…

Wayfinder is the founder of Elf Clan, a virtual reality group. This site is run by the same core Charter as Elf Clan (*Honor * Respect * Friendship) and is G-rated. The same rules in Elf Clan apply here: no occult, politics, obscenity, drama etc. But aside from that,… Continue

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