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When you're through reading, you can give it a try...

Linden Lab has a long history of public relations, with expert implementation of spin, hype and reality-bending to accomplish purposes and obfuscate data. Recently the company asked for folks to apply as user-based media contacts, folks who can join them in their positive-presentation of the board.

Using their example of spin and "read between the lines" publication, I thought I… Continue

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The Journey Chapter 13

Vendui,Elf Clanners.Here is chapter 13 :) Oona sorry it been takin so long,but Oona hads lotses of RL stuffs to do.

We has just got backs from stealin Blackwing eggs and Eren wants him's ka-booms.Da Hermit wants us out,but it seems him a bit insecure of Eren.We get ready to go to Prawfist's lair,eventho Oona dun wants to.

Here da link to previous chapter:Chapter 12

Here da link… Continue

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Education Community Responds to Linden Lab

The Immersive Education Initiative, a widely-known international community of educators, has issued an official statement in regard to the recent Second Life TOS

Says Areon E. Walsh, Director of the Immersive Education initiative:

"We need clarity, authoritative clarity, on these issues immediately. Our global community of nearly 3,000 educators, responsible for millions of students worldwide, is uncertain as to the short- and long-term impact that the new Second… Continue

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Copyrights, Federal Law and Common Sense


A brief, simple-language examination of copyright concepts as they pertain to Second life.

With the introduction of the new SL TOS (April 30, 2010), there is a lot of discussion about what is / isn't allowed, what is and isn't legal, and what rights people do or don't have. We've also seen some degree of panic that is common when people don't know enough about… Continue

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Astounding Movies

I have to say, there have been some pretty astounding movies released recently.

It seemed that for a long time, movies had just gone downhill. Everything was eye candy and flash and zero story. Some movies were just plain awful. But in the last few years we've seen some good stuff. Thought I'd mention a few just for fun.


This is the surprising win this year. Every once in a while a movie comes out that just… Continue

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NING UPDATE 4-26-2010

Update on Elf Clan Social Network on NING.

As most of you are aware, NING, the host of this blogsite, has announced cessation of their free service and will be charging a whopping $120 a year as of mid July. This is of course, untenable for non-profit groups and individuals... especially since other sites are offering the same service free of charge.

At this time we are looking for another blogsite to host the Elf Clan Social Network.… Continue

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The Journey Chapter 12

Vendui,Elf Clanners.Here is chapter 12.We see da Hermit and spends da nite in hims hut.We learns dat Prawfist takes da Sid'handarin.Da Hermit promises Eren sum blastin pots if we gets hims sum Blackwing Dragon eggs.Oona really dun wanna do dis,but Eren says him gets da eggs..so..

We just reacheds da nestin area.

Link to previous chapter:Chapter 11

Link to next chapter:… Continue

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I didn't hear about this event until after it was over, but it sounds like something we should plan to get in on next year. We have some wonderful designers who could create a great build and prizes and show off Elf Clan to fishers from around the grid. See Selah's description over on the Raglan Forums for more details.

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The Journey Chapter 11

Vendui,Elf Clanners.Here is chapter 11 :) Eren and Oona maked it to da Hermit's hut.Oona was shot by an arrow dat maked Oona sleepy.Da Hermit seems to be an old fart as Rosie says and him wants us gone. But him has sumthin Eren wants,and him might be willin to gives sum up if we do him a lil favour :)

Hopes ya likes :)

Chapter 11

Eren looks at the Hermit and says: No,nobody tells us dat before." In Elf Clan lands Eren and Oona… Continue

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Most people who have been around a few decades realize a very important fact of life: There are always consequences for decisions and actions.

Note I don't say "sometimes". I don't say "maybe".

Now, some people may claim that's not the case, and there's no sense in arguing the point with them. They are welcome to do what they want, and of course, face the consequences of not believing there are… Continue

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The Journey Chapter 10

Vendui,Elf Clanners.Here is chapter 10.Eren and Oona maked it to ShadowMire and is now walkin around in da marshies to finds da Hermit's hut.We just spotteds 2 Troggies and Eren agrees wif Oona to waits.

Hopes ya likes it ^^

Chapter 10

The Troggs don't seem to want to leave the cottage.Eren and Oona can't pass it,cause they might see them.Then finally one of the Troggs leaves and dissapears in the dark.Oona tells Ozzy to scouts… Continue

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" [The new TOS] is far more abusive, infringes far more on user legal rights, and even imposes into areas of Federal Copyright law... something I feel pretty sure Linden Lab is going to have brought to their attention the hard way." -- Wayfinder Wisbgringer, April 6, 2010, "The New Iron Curtain"

Just a few weeks after the above prediction, Linden Lab has been served with a FEDERAL class-action… Continue

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personal blog of meh?

personal blog number 8231 (not really, just over-exxagerated numbers . . . just because )

So I was roaming around walmart this morning doing my normal routine when i noticed a horde of advertisements for crapatar and all i could do is audibly say "groooaaannn" every time i saw one. Just when id forgotten about that awful movie id get reminded . . .in the morning . . . . im not a morning person. Its the equivelant of grabbing some coffee from the QT and taking a big drink…


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The Journey Chapter 9

Vendui,Elf Clanners.Here is chapter 9.Eren and Oona got info on da Troggies from Schlitzie and him says him wants Prawfist's helm..Him da Trogg's cheif.We just entered da ShadowMire and Ozzy wakes Oona wif hims enemy alert..

Hopes ya likes ^^

Chapter 9

Oona looks outside the window straight into a pair of red glowy eyes.She screams.There is a Trogg outside grinning.Ozzy flies around and shreaks.The Trogg starts to push the… Continue

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The second end of the story-For Eren

Thank you all for the intrest and for the fact that you are always niice with me. I hope that you will still ike it and I will try how much I can to write correctly and

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Has anyone ever stopped to view things from Linden Lab's perspective?

I know coming from me, that may be a rather surprising question. But let's take a "give the guy a break" position, set paranoia and conspiracy theories aside, and take a look at several Second Life issues from a different direction.

Let me assure you I am by no means turning pro-Linden Lab. This article consists of sheer speculation, "fly on the wall" type stuff.… Continue

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The Journey Chapter 8

Vendui,Elf Clanners.Here is chapter 8 :) Eren and Oona got back from Moondust realm and learns dat Wayfinder not gettin better and now Powers also sick..We learns sumthin about da Troggies from are best green mellon and we ready to go to ShadowMire :)

Hopes ya likes it ^^

Chapter 8

Koni and Oona walks out of the castle to the sandbox.They find Eren there working on his jet."Hi,Koni!Hi,Oona!"he says and smiles.The smile dissapears… Continue

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Viewer 2 Poll

Poll website: VIEWER 2 POLL

Amanda Linden ran a poll on Viewer 2. As Pan comments, the poll was obviously slanted to be in favor of Viewer 2. While I'm sure Linden Lab was hoping to be vindicated in release of that viewer, here are the results:

On a separate, larger poll on a different page, here were the results:…


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-- the pitfalls to achieving success in a community project

Note to readers: this is not a "slam OpenSim" blog. This blog simply asks some realistic questions, while reporting on feedback from numerous…


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NING.COM is the host of our Elf Clan Social Network.

It seems Second Life is not the only company plagued by new CEO problems. NING has fired the majority of their employees and has decided to now start charging all users for the Ning service (what... the numerous advertisements all over our blogsite wasn't sufficient to pay for the service?)

Ning has rocked up to this point. Good service.… Continue

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