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Open Source is the concept of releasing programming code in it's original source form-- to the public-- for general use.

According to the Wikipedia:

COPYLEFT is a play on the word copyright to describe the practice of using copyright law to remove restrictions on distributing copies and modified versions of a work for others and requiring that the same freedoms be preserved in modified versions.

The most… Continue

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GET YOUR BUCKLE ON--Good Intentions--Major Fail (Almost) ; )

I had a minor chuckle today. Click this site:


This is an applaudable effort to get teens to use their seatbelts. I learned of it from CWTV.com (the television network that produces Smallville). The idea: teens would make videos of themselves doing "seatbelt dances" to a pre-recorded music track, with the idea of winning "prizes" (they don't really mention what the prizes are).

Seatbelt… Continue

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(This is reprinted here from a comment I made to a blog post by Edward Griffith. I felt it was of serious enough concern to warrant its own blog).

I don't mean to constantly knock Linden Lab, but they seem to have a knack for constantly throwing a monkey wrench into things. The last time, they decided to raise the price of Open Space sims by 67%-- during a heavy recession. Whether that decision accomplished what they intended to accomplish is anyone's guess; it's hard to tell what… Continue

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This is strictly an opinion post, my own opinion. But as I am Founder of Elf Clan... it may have some merit. :D


Even though our first attempt to migrate to another grid failed miserably due to seriously bad management on that board's part... one thing we learned is that it IS possible to conduct Elf Clan activities on another grid. The technology, while still in infancy stage-- was nevertheless viable.

What we discovered is that… Continue

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A brief historical summary:

* Sakai, owner of 3DX, opens a virtual grid based on Second Life client and OpenSim server software-- OpenLife Grid. Wayfinder Wishbringer, founder of Elf Clan, joins OLG approximately one month after it opens.

* OLX, operated by Osiris Indigo, creates a blog site on Ning, ostensibly for the purpose of providing members of OpenLife Grid (OLG) a place to blog and exchange information and experiences.

* Many people join his system,… Continue

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The State of Things.

As a newbie visitor/member to this network, I took it upon my self to try to read most of what has been posted here in recent months. Frankly it makes for very depressing reading and I am very disheartened. To hear what LL is doing to SL and what OLG has/is doing/done makes me feel sick at heart. I am now in a position to invest real money in making my SL life experiance much more exciting, but the thought of intolerable price hikes and the reduction in the size of EC land fills me with… Continue

Added by Bryster Shan on March 22, 2009 at 2:45pm — 23 Comments

Please Give Us Your Feedback and Opinions


Greetings members. We would like to hear your opinions.

Please read this blog site:


Then please read this blog site:


Then let's play "What If..."

What… Continue

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Please help us out by posting here the name and Internet Address of any other Grids you hear about. If it's not listed here... please post it. Also you can comment on your experiences with that grid (if any) and your opinions of both the grid and the company that hosts it. If it's listed here already and you have additional comments, feel free. If you OWN the grid, be up front and let us know-- then go ahead and tell us about your grid! This is an informational blog, where I hope to bring a lot… Continue

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OLX is now banning people who disagree with the philosophies of its owner, "Osiris Indigo". I don't say this without factual foundation; the evidence is pretty undeniable.

Osiris is the "owner" of a self-proclaimed "OLG blogsite". By "owner" I mean a guy that set up a Ning blogsite and claimed to be a "business". By his own admission he has no official ties to 3DX, the sponsoring company of OpenLife Grid.

A lot of people have over the past months strongly disagreed with… Continue

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Linden Lab Not So Oblivious?

I had been chatting this afternoon on OSGrid's IRC channel, #osgrid. The topic of Second Life's continued downslope performance came up, and I commented that Linden Lab was apparently oblivious to it all. Someone on the chatroom told me about the problem in a different light:

(03:02:38 PM) Anonymous: They know quite well what will happen

(03:02:49 PM) Anonymous: It's almost certainly their plan

(03:03:07 PM) Anonymous: Their goal now is to market the software and…

Added by Zauber Paracelsus on March 20, 2009 at 12:00pm — 1 Comment

Linden Lab to Change "Adult" Requirements

Linden Lab released this announcement in a recent blog:

"First, it will provide a way to geographically separate Adult content and activities to a part of the “mainland” designed to accommodate these activities (Estate owners with Adult content on their land will be required to flag their content; they will not be required to move). Second, it will filter search results, so that those who do not wish to see “Adult” results will not. Third, it will require that those who access or… Continue

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Cypress Trees Gone Hog Wild!!!!

A recent revision of OpenSimulator has added a module for automatically growing forests. And I gotta say, it needs work. But the results are more than a little humorous:…


Added by Zauber Paracelsus on March 17, 2009 at 7:28am — 4 Comments

Amber Alert From Second Life

Children of a SL player's family are missing. An AMBER ALERT has been issued.

Please go to the website, look at it and the children and get them home where they need to be, safe.

They were taken by their abusive and suicidal father in Illinois and might have been taken to… Continue

Added by Pam Becquerel on March 11, 2009 at 3:40pm — 3 Comments

OpenLife Management Problems

We were forced to seek another grid by Linden Lab's price-gouging, monopolistic, bait-and-switch methods of doing business. Had it not been for that, it would likely have been quite some time before we would have paid much attention to the Opensim project.

When we considered moving to OpenLife Grid, it seemed the best of the grids at the time... and perhaps it was. However, as time passed, that grid has proven to be an unsatisfactory alternative to Second Life. The problem isn't so… Continue

Added by Wayfinder Wishbringer on March 11, 2009 at 12:00pm — 18 Comments

Building With OpenSimulator

Well, as I've told a few of you, I've been spending the past month or so experimenting with OpenSimulator. Now, I haven't done any actual coding with it. Rather, I've just been building like crazy. At first though, it was painful because of some bugs with linking and terraforming. However, after updating to version 0.6.2, things began working a lot better. I built a little bit at a time, but in the past week I've really been building like crazy. I'll let the pictures speak for… Continue

Added by Zauber Paracelsus on March 7, 2009 at 7:00pm — 5 Comments

Da Great Cookie Raid

Dis to all Dwagons and Tinies. Keeps dis really secret.

I has great idea. I thinks we should raids all da sims on all da grids and swipes all dere cookies.

Den we can sells dem and buys more cookies! Nahms nahms nahms.

Don't tell no ones. We plans more later. Right after we finished wif milk 'n cookies.


Added by Snoots Dwagon on March 2, 2009 at 1:00pm — 2 Comments

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