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Dis Schlitzie'z Smash!


YARG! Mah name'z Schlitzie Martini, and I'z a ORK! Wuzzat ya say? Wot'z a bleedin' ork doin' in a group called ELF CLAN? Well, datz eazy! Yooz pointy-gitz NEEDZ somebody ta keepz ya in line, and wot betta den a ORK! An' not jus' some snotfaced, grot lovin' squig herder, but da BIGGEST and da MEANEST and da GREENEST dere iz!

I enjoy portraying myself as an orc/ork amongst the elven mainly because it gives people a perspective of the diversity that ELF CLAN allows within it's guidelines. I originally set about this course when I first read in the charter "...all fantasy races allowed"....so, me being the type of individual I am, I asked if I could join as an orc...which to my surprise the eldars said YES! Since that day I have remained Elf Clan's official First Orc....and have been a first for many things within the clan!

Mainly my goal is to show people the wonderful diversity that orks have, as much if not more so than the elven. We orks come in many differing varieties, shapes, forms, and even colors! We also have a great sense of honor and what is right, though it may come across as a bit rash and senseless to the uninitiated. The eldars recognize this however and consider the orcs to be their greatest and most steadfast allies. Complexity thru simplicity, THAT is the orky way!

Schlitzie Martini's Blog

What would elf Clan video confrencing be like?

probably something like… Continue

Posted on November 27, 2009 at 11:42pm — 9 Comments


I've recently discovered one of the best RP realms I've ever witnessed in SL, and thought I would share a bit with you.


AMBREA is a realm consisting of 14 sims (Karamoon and RavensCraig being the two with info centers). A rich backstory behind the scenes helps drive things along. The community is awesome here, very friendly and tightly knit, and they hold several workshop classes a month which range… Continue

Posted on November 15, 2009 at 8:30am


Aquaman did it...now it's ORK-quaman's turn!

and just like the adult swim bumps it's based on, there WILL be more!…


Posted on September 15, 2009 at 12:00am — 1 Comment

What IS an Ork Anyway?

Heya folks. I've found that many of you, while very familiar elves, pixies, and other "light" races of fantasy and even their "dark" counterparts (dark elves for example) aren't quite as familiar with one of fantasy's oldest and dearest adversaries, the orc. So I have decided to write this here blog to get you familiarized with them, their relationship to Elf Clan, and why I dig anything and everything orky.

The idea of orcs were first conceived by JRR Tolkien. In his stories they… Continue

Posted on September 14, 2009 at 10:30am — 7 Comments



Da Orkz knowz dat yooz gitz invaded our landz and left yer nasty candy all over da place!!! We iz not amyoozd! An' since yooz weedy grotz ain't got nuffin ta invade, my gretchinz iz takin' dis 'ere horsey-fing hostage!

Da orkz will let dis 'ere nasty fing go when yooz gitz get sum land so we'z can invade all propa like!!!!


Posted on September 14, 2009 at 12:00am — 2 Comments

Comment Wall (9 comments)

At 4:50am on October 8, 2008, Cinnamon Raymaker said…
WAAAAAAAAGH!!!! hey :)
Keep in touch :)
At 10:01am on October 8, 2008, Wayfinder Wishbringer said…

(about flippin' time) ;D
At 12:12am on November 30, 2008, Wayfinder Wishbringer said…
An Orc, a troll and a goblin walked into a bar. They threw the troll and the goblin out because they weren't allowed. The Orc wasn't allowed either... but you don't throw an Orc out of a bar.
At 10:44pm on May 18, 2009, Oona Sharple said…
Yuss !! Heee..How is da noisy orky?
At 4:51pm on May 20, 2009, Oona Sharple said…
Heee,really,Schlitz? Oona likes da colours on Oona's profile :)) Dey is purdy ^^ Heee..Ya just wear shades den !! LOL
At 3:38am on August 6, 2009, Butterpaw Bravin said…
.·:*´¨`*:·. .·:*´¨`*:·.WOOT WOOT .·:*´¨`*:·. .·:*´¨`*:·.

Yay Schitzie!! .. we dances indeed! ... when you gots dat Battlemace fingy on for sure .. I does my bestest to come and cheer and scream .. I even wears my baby orc outfit .. yesh-ah!!
At 8:22am on September 14, 2009, Wayfinder Wishbringer said…
Hey Schlitzie! Know what you might do? Write a somewhat detailed blog (in regular speak, not ork speak) of the concept of Orks. Such as: what is the difference between and Orc and and Ork and why do we use both in Elf Clan (primarily Ork these days it seems). Tell us a little about the Orc/Ork history in Elf Clan, what a "Big Boss" is, what such things as Waaagh, Grotz, Gretchins and Mobs are, and especially about Ork philosophy and society. Most people think Orks are just blind-mad killing machines (and rightly so) but know very little about Ork society (such as it is), their special code of honor.

Also, folks don't know a lot about how Orks fit in to Elf Clan, why you're our oldest and strongest allies, and why Orks and Elves get along so well in our group. Basically, just show people Orks.. the Schlitzie way! :D
At 7:31am on September 29, 2009, Butterpaw Bravin said…
I gots a li'l prezzie for ya ... check should find it when you log in ^_^
dwagons and orks rool.. sometimes eben simultaneously .. :D
At 10:28am on February 2, 2010, Hecatya Idimmu said…
Schlitzie, you are an ork:)? So niice blog:) Keep it real:)

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